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IIITB Win Medals at ‘Spree 23’

There were students from various colleges across the country for different sports at ‘Spree 23’, a sports event at Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani, Goa, which was held from April 11 to 16. Students from IIIT Bangalore accompanied by Dr. Neha Arora, Sports Officer and Mr. Maniram, Security Officer not only participated in various sports but have won three medals:

  • Silver Medals in Volleyball and Chess
  • Bronze Medal in Powerlifting


The Volleyball team performed exceptionally well in the group stage, winning all of their matches and emerged as the top team. They continued their successful run in the knockout rounds, smoothly progressing through the quarterfinals and semifinals. However, the team faced a setback in the final match by losing, despite their impressive performances in the previous matches.

Volleyball Team comprised of

  • Akhil Puppala (IMT2021)
  • Bharath Kumar Joshi (IMT2018)
  • Gowtham Reddy Kadavakolla (IMT2021)
  • Josh Jack Thomson (IMT2021)
  • Kocherla Yash Koushik (IMT2020)
  • Koyi Sree Harsha (IMT2018)
  • Kritin Potluru (IMT2020)
  • Lalith Kumar Reddy G (IMT2019)
  • Manan Patel (IMT2020)
  • Mayank Chamarthi (IMT2021)
  • Sachin Singh (MT2022)
  • Shaik Shathir Hussain (IMT2018)
  • Vamsidhar Reddy (IMT2020)


After 5 rounds of games IIITB and BITS Goa were tied on match points, but the team fell short in tiebreaks, losing by a narrow margin of 0.5 points. Starting out as one of the favorites to win the competition, the team displayed remarkable talent and skill, despite the loss the team members can take pride in their effort.

Furthermore, the experience gained from the competition was valuable, providing opportunities for learning and growth.

Chess Team:

  • Sarvesh Kumar. A (IMT2022)
  • Rishi Devendra (IMT2021)
  • Anwit Damale (IMT2020)
  • Ashutosh (MT2022)
  • Agastya Thoppur (IMT2020)


Prabhal Mahajan and Karan participated in the powerlifting competition in the 68-74 category. Prabhal secured third place by deadlifting a massive weight of 190kg, while Karan came fourth in the same category. In the 74-83 category, Vidhu Arora finished fourth in the competition. The experience acquired from the competition was crucial, providing avenues for learning.

Powerlifting Team:

  • Karan Raj Pandey (IMT2021)
  • Prabhal Mahajan (IMT2020)
  • Vidhu Arora (IMT2021)

The students also participated in Basketball, Table Tennis, Tennis and Badminton


The Basketball team participated in two matches, facing off against strong opponents (BITS GOA A and Venky) who eventually emerged as the finalists and semifinalists of the competition, respectively. Despite losing both matches, the team’s performance was noteworthy and commendable, the matches provided valuable experience and learning opportunities for the team.

Basketball Team:

  • Anuj Arora (IMT2021)
  • Darshak Jivrajani (IMT2020)
  • Kalyan Nadimpalli (IMT2019)
  • Kritin Potluru (IMT2020)
  • Shashank Reddy (IMT2019)
  • Sooraj Sathish (IMT2020)
  • Tarun Reddy (IMT2019)
  • Yashovardhan Reddy (IMT2019)

Table Tennis

Despite not making it past the round robin stage, the four students from our college who participated played some highly competitive and impressive matches. Several games even went down to the wire, with the final sets reaching deuce. The team had the chance to play against national and state level players, which provided a valuable and memorable experience.

Table Tennis:

  • Nilay Kamat (IMT2021)
  • Chinmay Parekh (IMT2020)
  • Adrij Sharma (IMT2019)
  • Siddharth Vikram (IMT2022)


Despite facing tough opponents in the Badminton tournament, the team showed great sportsmanship and resilience throughout their matches. Their opponents were of high caliber, with one of them reaching the semi-finals of the competition. Although the team did not advance past the group stage, they gained valuable insight and knowledge from the tournament

Badminton Team:

  • Ram Yerra (IMT2020)
  • Rakshit Bang (IMT2020)
  • Rachit Aggrawal (IMT2020)
  • Kalyan Ram (IMT2021)
  • Akula Nishith (IMT2022)


The tennis team displayed remarkable tenacity and sportsmanship throughout their group stage matches. Though they did not advance to the next stage of the competition, the team’s performance was highly commendable. Overall, the tennis team can take pride in their effort and commitment to the sport, even in the face of tough competition and difficult weather conditions.

Tennis Team:

  • Aakash Khot (IMT2020)
  • Chaitanya Manas Cheedella (IMT2020)
  • Vijay Jaisankar (IMT2019)
  • Keshav Goyal (IMT2020


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