May 2023

IIITB, ELCIA & CGI Join at Fundraising Marathon to Feed 5500 School Kids Daily


The 10k marathon, ‘Miles for Meals’ aimed at raising funds for midday meals was a total hit! We rallied up with the community, laced up our running shoes and hit the pavement with a shared purpose. The event which was organised by IIIT Bangalore on April 1 as a part of Silver Jubilee celebrations was filled with high energy, cheers, and determined faces pushing themselves to the limit. People from all walks of life came together united by the cause of ensuring that no child goes hungry during its school days.

With awesome patronage from ELCIA and CGI, we totally nailed it! We reached our fundraising target to provide midday meals for a whopping 5500 school kids. This fundraising marathon wasn’t just about the cash we collected; it was all about the incredible sense of togetherness and kindness that spread like wildfire throughout the event. We caught up with 10k marathon backers, ELCIA and CGI and they divulged to Naviiina about their heartwarming experiences. Both ELCIA and CGI are on the same page when it comes to tackling societal issues, and are totally committed to making the communities a better place to live in.

Mr. Shivayogi V. Ballolli, General Manager (GM), Electronics City Industries Association (ELCIA), “The IIITB 10K Marathon, in partnership with CGI, stood out from the rest. It offered a remarkable platform for students and young individuals to participate in a noble cause while fostering connections with fellow participants. Moreover, this event successfully raised awareness about the significance of fitness and the urgent need to gather funds for a worthy cause.” Echoing the same thought, Mr. Nirbhay Lumde, Director – Environmental, Social, and Governance / Corporate Social Responsibility, CGI, adds, “CGI had a fantastic experience being a part of the Miles for Meals Marathon in collaboration with IIITB and ELCITA. The event was a huge success, and CGI was able to contribute towards a great cause by supporting mid-day meals for around 5500 students. CGI was delighted to be a part of such an event that demonstrated the power of community and compassion.”

CGI collaborated with IIITB for the Miles for Meals initiative due to its profound relevance in addressing the urgent issue of hunger, a cause that holds great significance for CGI. “The mid-day meal program plays a vital role in ensuring children receive quality education, and through this partnership, CGI actively contributed to this crucial cause, aligning with its core values. Miles for Meals’ initiated by IIITB was a noble cause, a campaign to collect funds for mid-day meals for needy school students studying in Government Schools in and around Electronic City. This was aligned with ELCIA Trust objective of touching the lives of children since hunger affects children’s ability to learn and grow. IIITB is also an ELCIA member, and we wanted to be part of their year-long Silver Jubilee Celebrations,” he further adds.

Congratulating the winners Priyanka C, Rashi CM, Chandra Shekhar Pathak and Nithin Kumar M, Mr. Shivayogi V. Ballolli, “A special mention to IIITB volunteers who made the event a great success. The event was branded and represented well in social media, which in turn helped to raise funds for midday meals. For ELCIA every participant is a role model or celebrity. And thanks to CGI and other sponsors for their generous sponsorship.”

Even though we pulled off the entire event in a jiffy, the attendance turned out to be pretty good. Our Sports Officer, Dr. Neha Arora, has this to say, “The event went smoothly with fantastic support from our buddies. The participants were stoked about the cool freebies, and the winners were thrilled to get their cash prize right after the run. Miles for Meals not only helped those in need but also put a big smile on everyone’s face who joined in.”


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