April 2023

Put Yourself First: Students Need to Prioritize their Emotional Well-Being

Q&A with Mr. Manoj Majhi, Customer Success Manager, YourDost.com As students progress through higher levels of education, the expectations for...

IIITB Students Strike Chord to Create Chordizlla and Win Yuru Musical Instrument Hackathon

"Yuru" is a Japanese term that roughly translates to "relaxed."  Yuru Musical Instruments are musical instruments that anyone can easily play even...

Revolutionizing Smart City Surveillance: Intelligent Sensors Enhance Monitoring in Low-light Conditions

--Toshiba Software (India) Private Limited collaborated with IIIT-B for their CSR based research Project which was implemented at the institute....

WS4D 2023 Workshop on ‘Sustainable Development and Digital Capabilities’

Web science is the interdisciplinary field that studies the World Wide Web, its users, and its impact on society. In the current scenario, the...

‘MOSIP Country Conversations’ at IIIT Bangalore

Around 60 delegates from 12 countries, development partners, advisors, World Bank, Government of India departments and stakeholders participated in...

Centre of Excellence on Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) at IIIT Bangalore

Centre of Excellence on Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) at IIIT Bangalore was inaugurated by Mr. Kris Gopalakrishnan, Chairman of IIITB...

Unlock Your Potential: Why Choosing Entrepreneurship Can Change Your Life for the Better?

    An Interview of Col. Shreenath, CEO, Innovation Centre, IIITB Having served the Indian Army for 31 years, Col Shreenath brings teamwork,...
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