May 2023

IIITB, ELCIA & CGI Join at Fundraising Marathon to Feed 5500 School Kids Daily

The 10k marathon, ‘Miles for Meals’ aimed at raising funds for midday meals was a total hit! We rallied up with the community, laced up our running...

IIITB Hosts Electhon’23: Pioneering Solutions for Electoral Challenges

India, being the world's largest democracy, faces various electoral challenges. With a geographically diverse landscape and a massive population,...

An IoT Based AutoGrow Laboratory at IIITB

Are you tired of constantly checking on your plants or crops to ensure they are getting the right amount of water, light and nutrients? Well, say...

Dramatic Triumph: IIITB’s Parvaaz Club Wins at a Drama Prestigious Drama Competition

It came out as fantastic news when the 'Andher Nagri' drama won the first prize at Carnival Spotlight'23 a cultural fest of PES University on April...

Victorious Moves of IIITB’s ‘Impulse’

Dancing is an art form that has the ability to inspire and captivate audiences. "IMPULSE", the dance club of our college, recently participated in...

IIITB Staff Day Out: Bonding Beyond the Office

It’s not common you get to see your co-workers outside the office. In fact, it can be rare to have a chance to connect with them on a personal level...
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