May 2023

IIITB Staff Day Out: Bonding Beyond the Office


It’s not common you get to see your co-workers outside the office. In fact, it can be rare to have a chance to connect with them on a personal level beyond the constraints of work and a staff day out can be such a valuable experience for employees.

On April 22, sunny saturday morning, a staff day out was planned to Area 83 on the outskirts of Bangalore, where employees and their family members could engage themselves in non-work-related activities and socialize with one another. It was an opportunity to unwind and have fun.  Area 83 is an adventure park located on the outskirts of Bengaluru and is known for its thrilling rides and exciting activities.

As soon as the staff along with their family members arrived, they were greeted by the friendly staff at the entrance who gave them a quick briefing on the park’s rules and regulations. They were then divided into groups to play team building games. Highly spirited colleagues had a sweet competition to win the games.

The first activity that caught the attention of the staff was the human foosball in which both kids and adults thoroughly enjoyed. The staff harnessed up and took a leap of faith as they soared through the air in sky swing activity. The two seated sky swing hoisted seaters 80 feet above the ground and swung for couple of minutes. The swing gave everyone a thrill like no other.

Taking in the scenic beauty of the resort, there was a bubble soccer. The rules were simple – score as many goals as possible while bouncing around inside the bubbles. It was a hilarious sight to see people bouncing off each other, trying to gain control of the ball. Kayaking at the resort was another great way to enjoy time together with co-workers and their families and create lasting memories together. After a few adrenaline and fun-filled activities, the staff headed to the food court for a delicious food spread.   

There was a canvas painting activity planned for kids; as the day coincided with Earth Day, kids brought out their best of creativity and painted around nature. Few goodies too were distributed to all the kids.

As the day came to a close, the staff gathered at the exit to bid farewell to Area 83. They were exhausted but had a smile on their faces, reminiscing about the fun-filled day they just had.


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