May 2023

Samvaad Talk


April 10

Mr. Aseem Rastogi on ‘Proof-oriented programming for high-assurance systems’

Mr. Aseem Rastogi is a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research India. His work spans the areas of language design, type systems, program verification, and software security. In his talk he mentioned that proof-oriented programming is a paradigm where programs are designed and developed along with mathematical proofs of their correctness and security.

April 17
Prof. Meenakshi D’Souza on ‘Formal Verification of an Indigenous Real-Time Operating System’

Meenakshi D’Souza, professor at IIIT Bangalore has research interests in Formal Methods, Model Based Development for embedded software, Automata Theory, Software Testing. She is also interested in gender diversity and accessibility issues in IT. In her talk, she emphasized on applications like Real-time Operating Systems (RTOS) have to be fault tolerant, deterministic and meet stringent safety standards which include several functionality-related real-time requirements.

April 24
Dr. Dipti Kalyan Saha on ‘Automated Black-box API Testing’

Dr. Diptikalyan Saha is a Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM Research Lab in India. His research interests are to contribute towards the intersection of the two fields; Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence. In his talk, he outlined the proliferation of web-based applications has increased the need to test web services. With the adoption of web service standards such as REST (Representational State Transfer) and SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), it has become easier for developers to build and consume APIs.


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