September 2022

Interesting Binary Combination of “I Know” as Success-Mantra


G R Sinha, Adjunct Professor @IIITB

In our daily lives, we do come across ordinary situations that can produce extra-ordinary results if utilized in an appropriate combination. One such common statement, we generally use as: “I know” and on the contrary “I do not know”. The commonly used statements or situational sentences, if combined and interpreted properly, then can have uncommon and great impact in success or holistic growth of our lives, be it professional, spiritual, or personal.

Let us assign a binary “1” to “I know” and “0” to “I do not know”.

 1 0
High Low
I know I do not know


I do not know 0 0 I do not know
I do not know 0 1 I know
I know 1 0 I do not know
I know 1 1 I know

Four binary combinations of “I know” using 4 binary combinations “00”, “01”, “10” and “11” of “1” and “0” are:

Let us add “what” as a “conjunction” between the two phrases and make 4 statements following above binary combinations:

I do not know



I do not know
I do not know I know
I know I do not know
I know I know


If we consider “I do not know” as my “weakness”, and “I know” as my “strength” then, an interesting interpretation as “Success-Mantra” of all four statements is given below:

  1. I do not know what I do not know: If we do not know about our weaknesses then we can never think of overcoming the weakness, consequently the chances of success or growth are very bleak. Therefore, it is extremely important to know our own weaknesses; then admit the weaknesses and start working to overcome the same. Then, nobody can stop us in achieving huge success.
  2. I do not know what I know: This is most unwanted situation wherein we are not aware of our own strength. Until, we know about strength that lies in us, how can we think of utilizing the strength in constructive ways to succeed. Hence, this becomes extremely important t identify our own strength and use it for solving the problems and succeeding in professional, mental, spiritual, and personal life. The goal is to lead a quality life through utilization of strength within.
  3. I know what I do not know: This statement is positive and favorable through which we know our weakness. Positive attitude of accepting the weaknesses is equally important which shall help in knocking down the challenges in life due to the weaknesses within.
  4. I know what I know: If self-strength is known to somebody and the strength is realized and its true potential is utilized then it is followed by success. So, knowing about our own strength and more importantly utilizing it, play significant role in sustainable and holistic growth in our life, again be it personal or professional.


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