November 2022

A Penny for Your Thoughts


Travesty and Hope (Girl’s share)” 

A girl lives,

stopped, prevented, and killed

even before birth!

Whose exploitations have no dearth,

whose aspirations die on earth,

The girl lives!

From a hostile embryo to a hostile world,

from being a subject of control to a figure of silence,

some emerge as a symbol of equivalence.

The girl lives!

Exploitation is long, so is struggle,

this society makes hard their survival,

some allow while some give freedom,

without understanding that their worth extends beyond their jurisdictions.

For who has given them the right to determine,

what is allowed and whom freedom will be given?

Yet, she lives!

The girl,

whose existence is the reason for everyone’s presence,

whose presence justifies everything’s relevance,

but when it comes to her,

she gets infinite interventions.

Yet she lives!


the girl,

I want you to listen,

we will not let your aspirations perish in isolation,

for how you have survived will always be an inspiration.

The girl will live as God’s most beautiful creation!

Written by Aashish Tiwary (MS2022001), a research scholar pursuing Master of Science by Research in VLSI Design at IIIT Bangalore. He is a sports enthusiast and avid traveller, who likes to visit historical places.