November 2022

Abidha V P Secures Post-Doctoral at HKUST


It was an achievement for Abidha V P when she obtained a postdoctoral position. It is fiercely competitive to secure a post-doctoral fellowship, she knuckled down to get there and successfully secured it at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). Abidha was eagerly waiting to acquire new skills that can help her to get a better position either in academia or in industry. In addition, it gives her an opportunity to network globally and learn about new workplace cultures. Nothing could have been more exciting for Abidha when Prof. M Golin and Prof. Amir Goharshady jointly offered the postdoc position in the work, ‘The application of parameterized complexity to the field of formal verification’.

Abidha is delighted to share her happiness with Naviiina, she says, “I am sure that my new role will serve as a bridge between my research background and full-time professional experience, The skills and experience that I will gain from a postdoc will be useful for faculty positions New research experience will expand my professional network and publication record. It will definitely refine my research goals and will make it easier for me to get a teaching position in many national and international institutes. The postdoc positions offer attractive stipends too.”

Speaking about the support she received from the faculty members at IIIT Bangalore, she adds, “My Ph.D. work involved parameterized complexity under the guidance of Prof Pradeesha Ashok. During my M.Tech (from Idukki Government engineering college), I did my Master’s thesis (internship) under Prof. Meenakshi D’Souza in the area of formal verification. I received very good training from both of my professors and I gained a lot of valuable research experience from them.”

Postdocs can work in a variety of non-academic settings besides academia, with the research-focused role at academic institutions being the most prevalent. The majority of postdocs concentrate on research, however, opportunities exist in specialized fields including technology transfer and policy at all kinds of businesses.