September 2023

Mr. Subramani K’s mathematical journey from Humble Beginnings to Global Recognition


Mr. Subramani K, although not formally trained in mathematics, passionately immerses himself in numerical exploration. His contributions to Naviiina, which garnered international attention, provided an avenue for the platform to discover and appreciate his mathematical prowess.

In his early years, growing up in financially challenging circumstances with a carpenter father, Mr. Subramani one of the staff members at IIIT-Bangalore found inspiration in the artistic sketches of interior design drawn by his father. This early exposure fueled his fascination with numbers and geometry.

A pivotal moment in his mathematical journey occurred during primary school when he questioned the conventional right-to-left addition and left-to-right division methods. Despite financial struggles post-marriage and the birth of his children, Mr. Subramani’s determination to provide them with a proper education drove him to explore his mathematical potential.

Drawing from childhood teachings on the Gregorian Calendar, Mr. Subramani dedicated hours in public libraries to create the longest single-page calendars for both AD and BC, earning him world record certificates in 2013 from Record Holders Republic UK. This achievement instilled confidence in him, leading to a deep dive into various mathematical concepts.

Mr. Subramani’s notable achievement include: 

  1. Longest Gregorian calendar for AD & BC
  2. Longest Julian Gregorian calendar for AD & BC
  3. Fastest calculation of multiplication of 18-digit number by Ramanujan-Hardy number 1729
  4. Largest Magic square
  5. Largest Latin square

Despite his remarkable accomplishments, Mr. Subramani remains humble, attributing his success to the support he received during tough times. He emphasizes the importance of discovering one’s passion, persevering through challenges, and expressing gratitude to those who contribute to one’s journey. IIIT-Bangalore holds a special place in his heart as a source of support and encouragement.


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