October – December 2021

Guest talk

October – December 2021

October 4: “Whither Technical Education? (During the Fourth Industrial Revolution) by Prof. S S Prabhu, IIIT BANGALORE.

October 18: “Questions: A window into children’s minds,” by Prof. Jayashree Ramadas, formerly at TCIS, TIFR, Hyderabad & HBCSE, TIFR, Mumbai

October 25: “AI-based Narrative Arc for Engaging Learning Experience,” by Ms. Chaitali Diwan (PH2016002) and Mr. Prakhar Mishra (MS2019012), Web Science Lab, IIIT BANGALORE.

November 8: “Automated Evaluation of Programming Assignments,” by Prof. Sujit Kumar Chakrabarti and Ms. Nikhila K N (PH2017003).

December 6: “Targetting the epigenome for cancer therapy,” by Prof. Vijayalakshmi Mahadevan, IBAB

December 13: “Using Multi-Omic Data to Engineer Cancer Microenvironment,” by Dr. Nameeta Shah, Sungkyunkwan University and Samsung Genome Institute, Seoul.

December 20: “miRNA Function: What do we gain by sequencing?” by Prof. Vivek Tanavde, Ahmedabad University


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