April-May 2021

Campus news

April-May 2021


Prof. Debabrata Das has taken over as Director designate

Prof. Debabrata Das has taken over as Director designate on April 1. He is to assume charge as Director of IIITB on July 4, 2021.

Tridib Roy Chowdhury Memorial Scholarship

The family of the late Tridib Roy Chowdhury will endow the “Tridib Roy Chowdhury Memorial Scholarship” at IIITB-an Institute he was long associated with in various capacities. Tridib was passionate about computer science which is why he returned, after a nearly three-decade long career in industry, to pursue an MS (Research) in Machine Learning at IIITB. During his career, he had directed his passion toward designing original products, whether in his years as an entrepreneur with Stex, or later with Adobe. But he often lamented that, if computer scientists trained with conceptual clarity and rigour are hard to find, it is even harder to find those who can think beyond the confines of technology to design products for various application domains. As a result, he admired the M.Sc. (Digital Society) degree program at IIITB, for its pioneering effort to bridge the gap between digital technologies and their social application.

It is against this backdrop that the scholarship is being endowed, to extend a 100% tuition waiver, for a year, to an entering M.Sc. (Digital Society) student. Starting from the academic year 2021-2022, the scholarship will initially be for a five-year period, and will apply a merit-cum-means criterion, with preference to a woman applicant. The candidate will be identified by the Admissions Committee of the M.Sc. programme.

Tridib also long admired IIITB’s founder-Director Professor Sadagopan, for his leadership and vision in building the Institute, and especially for his backing a program as original as the M.Sc. Thus, this scholarship is being announced on 1st April 2021, not only to celebrate Tridib’s ideas and ideals, but also to express gratitude to Professor Sadagopan on his last birthday as Director of IIITB.

Inauguration of student’s activity space

Students’ activity space was inaugurated on April 6 in multipurpose hall. Prof. S Sadagopan, Director, IIITB, Prof. Debabrata Das, Director Designate, Cmde SR Sridhar (Retd), Registrar, Prof. Amit Praksh, Co-Ordinator, Students Affairs, Prof. Viswanath Gopalakrishnan, Co-Ordinator, Students Affairs were part of this inauguration event.

IIIT Bangalore Premiere League

All our students were in Bio-bubble and played IPL Basketball and badminton was held on April 3-4 and Volleyball and tennis was held on April 10-11.  To make the event little more interesting, all the sports events had an auction to decide the team members. This was the first on campus event after first lockdown open.

1st Open Virtual Day

As part of M.Sc. Digital Society admissions, IIITB had organized the 1st Open Virtual Day on April 5. Prof. Preeti Mudliar, Prof. Sridhar, Prof. Balaji Parthasarathy was in the panel and Prof. Bidisha Chaudhuri was the moderator of the event.

Bangalore On IT-Samvaad Talk series

IIIT Bangalore organized a 3rd edition of Bangalore On IT – Samvaad Talk series virtually for the first time on April 7. Every edition of Bangalore On IT is based on a specific theme, and this edition’s theme was virtual reality. Mr. Vivek Reddy, Co-Founder, Viga Entertainment Technology delivered a talk on “Real-time Movie making using Virtual Production”.  Students and external audiences who participated in this event found it to be interesting and useful.  

Alumni Connect – Talk by Dipanjan Sarkar

IIIT Bangalore Alumni Council organized an event – Alumni Connect on April 11. This is a monthly event where members of IIITB alumni community can engage, learn, and share together.

This time, Dipanjan Sarkar gave a talk on the current issues and implications of bias in AI systems and the importance of Responsible AI systems. The session also touched the need and importance of Explainable AI (XAI) and methodologies to apply XAI in practice when building ML/AI systems.

2nd Virtual Open Day of M.Sc. Digital Society

The 2nd Virtual Open Day of M.Sc. Digital Society was held on May 1. Some of the Digital Society alumni were part of the panel with our faculty members. Priyanka Arora, Harsihikesh, Pradyumna Taduri, Prof. Janaki Srinivasan, Prof. Amit Prakash and Prof. Bidisha answered the questions raised by the prospective students.

Technology, Together

The fifth episode of Technology, Together focused on digital social innovation. Ramesh Sundararaman, engages in a discussion with the host, Tejas Kotha, while Shreyas Gupta, a final year Integrated M.Tech student, who is an expert in Data Science joins as a guest in the discussion.

Ramesh shares valuable insights on the nature of interdisciplinary learnings necessary to identify and solve social problems.

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In this episode of Technology, Together, we turn to design researcher and visiting faculty member at IIIT Bangalore, Dr. Linus Kendall, who is an expert in participatory approaches to design. We explore the lesser-known side of Digital Design, one which engages with users and encourages designing with them than for them. We also discuss Dr. Kendall’s research with farmers in Bengal, his course on Human Computer Interaction and much more!

Spotify: https://bit.ly/SpotifyTechTogetherEp6
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When millions of Indians access their food entitlements each month through the Public Distribution System – the largest food distribution network in the world, their access is mediated through a biometrics-based authentication system. How do beneficiaries of PDS navigate these biometrics-based systems to access their food entitlements? What tensions have the biometrics devices caused among dealers who run the PDS fair price shops? In this episode, we discuss these aspects and more with Prof. Preeti Mudliar drawing on her extensive work on the use of Aadhaar in India’s Public Distribution System.

Listen to the episode on your favourite podcast platforms:
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 In this episode of Technology, Together, Prof. Srinath Srinivasa, Dean (R&D), joins us to discuss his course ‘The Web and The Mind’ which traces the evolution of the web and how it influences our individual lives, relationships and wellbeing. Prof. Srinath draws on his years of experience and work in IIITB’s Web Science lab (http://wsl.iiitb.ac.in/) where he leads efforts to understand the impact of the web on our lives as well as the society.

Listen to the episode on your favorite podcasting platform:

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