April 2022

Thirty-Six Officers Puzzle!


Leonhard Euler published his famous 36 Officers problem in 1782: ” This question concerns a group of thirty-six officers of six different ranks, taken from different regiments, and arranged in a square in a way such that in each row and column there are six officers, each of a different rank and regiment”.

Euler conjectured correctly that this problem is impossible.

Mr. Subramani K, a staff member who maintains Records & Liaison at IIIT Bangalore is a mathematician by hobby tried Leonhard Euler 36 Officers puzzle to his level best till the last 2 steps. He agrees that it is definitely impossible. He has shown below the way of solving till the last mile.

You can contact Mr. Subramani K for more details at, subramani.k@iiitb.ac.in

You can read all about the impossible problem’s solution in the link below:



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