April 2022

IIIT Bangalore was one of the Partner Institutions at “AI in Fashion & Design Conference”


AIFaD conference was held on April 4th and 5th 2022 at the Bangalore International Center. The 2-day AIfaD conference hosted prominent personalities from tech and fashion sectors who delivered keynote sessions on the heritage of textile art forms, innovations by AI to combat challenges in forecasting trends, inventory control, waste management and its impact on creativity and design. The conference also hosted a panel discussion around “E-commerce technology and trends”.

Prof. Debabrata Das, Director, IIIT Bangalore being one of the panelists put forth his views on the same, stating “As AI technologies find application in every sector and enterprise, it’s important to also address the issues of Ethics, Bias and Privacy in developing these solutions and have robust frameworks. IIIT Bangalore’s Center for Information Technology and Public Policy (CITAPP) focuses on the policy challenges and the organizational demands made by technological innovation.  It seeks to provide a means to nurture and transform public policy through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) by engaging with academic faculty and researchers, policy planners, political leaders and community representatives, technology vendors, public officials and civil society organizations.  The platform provided a holistic view of AI in fashion that students could take away from and incorporate in their respective careers.”


The International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore is a technical and research university in Bangalore, India. The Institute is a registered not-for-profit society funded jointly by the Government of Karnataka and the IT industry under a public-private partnership model.

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