April 2022

IIIT Bangalore was dazzled with Infin8


Infin8 is IIIT Bangalore’s college annual fest the event that students eagerly wait for. Apart from the fun, frolic and platform that it offers to students to exhibit their talents. Infin8 was entirely organised by the student community (involving participants from other colleges well). Professional performing artists were invited and a few competitions were also held for students. The students put in their best efforts to make Infin8 entertaining and exciting. There were back-to-back events, be it dance, music, drama and sports too. The three-day event was packed with simulation games, cultural activities, fun field games, and much more. With a prize pool of Rs. 80,000, the competitions at the fest participated in zest. Taking a break from a hectic schedule, Infin8 gave its guests a one-of-a-kind experience, rejuvenating and refreshing them. Like every year, infin8 gave students memories worth cherishing.

The inaugural event, Rhythm of Hope on April 1st was diverse across music forms including Carnatic, Hindustani and Western comprising classical, heavy metal and blues. ‘Spill the Ink’ was a short story and poetry writing competition that spanned over three days of Infin8. Students from IIIT Bangalore and other colleges as well participated to explore their creative writing skills. Any cultural fest would be incomplete without dance programs in it. ‘Nritta’ was held on April 2nd in which both solo and duo dance competitions were enthralling.

Some Most Enjoyed events were stand-up comedy by renowned stand-up comedian, Biswa Kalyan Rath. It proved to be a burst of never-ending hysterical laughter and it had some finest humor and proved to be a major attraction for the audience. Blast Off by world-renowned Sunburn DJ was another memorable experience for students. The DJ night was a night to remember with an enthralling show that gave goosebumps to one and all, performed by world-renowned SUNBURN DJs. This year, DJ Aerreo surely treated the students to an ecstatic raving experience.

There were other interesting events such as Battle of Bands, Mad mix, Blast Off, Sargam, Pixel perfection, Chitrakarma, Pratibimb, Dumb Charades, War of Words, Gulp of Gobble and League of fanatics.


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