October 2022



September 16

Prof. Srinivas Vivek presented his work at the Turing Trustworthy Digital Identity International Conference 2022 held in The Alan Turing Institute, London. The title of the talk was “Privacy-Preserving Identity Verification using Third-Party Cloud Services and FHE”. The above work was part of the MOSIP project and was jointly done by Prof. Srinivas Vivek and former iMTech student of IIITB Deep Inder Mohan.

September 22

Our Director, Prof. Debabrata Das along with Dr. Milind Gandhe, CEO, IIITB COMET Foundation visited IIT Hyderabad to discuss research collaborations.

September 27

A paper by Prof. Roland Erik Haas from IIIT Bangalore, ‘Diseasomics: Actionable Machine Interpretable Disease Knowledge at the Point-of-Care’ was accepted for publication in the highly acclaimed interdisciplinary open access journal PLOS Digital Health. Prof. Haas has co-authored the paper, with a team of medical experts and clinicians.  While working on this paper, it was for the first time that a knowledge graph of this complexity has been created to support clinical decision making.

Giving a summary of the paper, Prof. Roland said, “A doctor at the point-of-care is expected to have the complete medical knowledge with latest updates in evidence-based medicine (EBM). The doctor is also expected to use this complete knowledge accurately during a medical interaction with a patient. In reality this is not the case – there are gaps in knowledge acquisition and gaps in clinical decision making. In the past, AI-based expert-driven rule-based clinical decision support systems were developed to address these gaps. Rule-based systems are rigid and often fail in case of complex diseases. We therefore built an AI based evidence driven clinical decision support system. We mined PubMed, Wikipedia, textbooks, medical records, etc. to extract clinical knowledge. We used this clinical knowledge as glue to connect ontologies to construct a machine interpretable antireductionistic diseasomics knowledge graph. The diseasomics knowledge graph is stored in a Neo4j property graph database in a cloud for online and real time access using JSON-RPC API and works like the physicians’ brain digital twin. We used the digital triplet node2vec techniques to mine unknown knowledge and to create a learning healthcare system.”

The integrated diseasomics knowledge system is available for use at https://triage.cyberneticcare.com/diseasePrediction

September 29-30
IIITB was Community Partner in Open-Source India 2022

About 50 students from IIIT Bangalore attended the Open Sourc India 2022 held at NIMHANS Convention Centre. Mr. SasiKumar Ganesan, Vice President Of Engineering, MOSIP gave a talk on, “ MOSIP & its Impact in creating new inclusive standards” and Ruturaj Mohite, Maintainer, CircuitVerse gave a talk on, “CircuitVerse: Circuit simulator” in the FOSS For Everyone (India contributes) track. A MOSIP stall was set up in the event to explain the MOSIP activities to the delegates, and developers in the open-source community. IIIT Bangalore was a Community Partner in the event.


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