October 2022

A Penny for Your Thoughts


Take it Easy, Get it Easy

The rhythmic phrases are about developing competence through enjoying a number of successes as intermediate stages in the journey of excellence

G R Sinha, Ph.D., Adjunct Faculty

Take it Easy, get it Easy and Be Happy

Success comes to those who are Crazy

Run not behind Success, rather Competency

This is not Easy, when one is Lazy

Success is Easygoing, when you are Busy

Take is easy, make the Success for you, just Crazy

Know yourself, portray yourself and your honesty

Sincere endeavors shall make the success thirsty

Wisdom comes from knowledge, values and integrity

Not for success, but for competence and sustainability

Aptitude, Skillset, Positive Attitude and vision unity

Take it Easy, get it Easy, always engage in some charity

Aim not at success, rather developing competence

Be motivated and committed towards excellence

Take it easy, look at you each day and write a sentence

Be patient, adopt life long learning and use your resilience

This is how, anyone can attain the personality of eminence

Take it easy, be focused with big dream, feel your luminance


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