April 2023

Silver Jubilee Lecture Series


March 17

Prof. Dame Wendy Hall, Executive Director, Web Science Institute, University of Southampton, on ‘Four Internets: Data, Geopolitics and the Governance of Cyberspace’.

Her talk highlighted how the whole world piled onto the Internet in order to do anything during the lockdowns, it stayed up and running which is a huge testament to the foresight of the Internet pioneers in terms of its design and in built resilience and scalability. But the Internet has never been under such threat and it’s whole future as a globally interconnected system is in much doubt for many different reasons and the future of the Internet through the perspective of geopolitics and data governance. She touched upon the aspects of the governance of cyberspace we must protect the most in order for us to continue to use the technical infrastructure of the Internet that we all rely on to support cloud and data services.

March 20

Mr. Vivek Reddy, VigaET, Bangalore spoke on ‘Engineering Behind Movies’

It was a captivating and enlightening experience for those who are in the fascinating intersection between engineering and movies. Mr. Vivek Reddy delved into the complex mathematical, physical, scientific, and technological aspects that underpin the production of your favorite games and movies. By exploring the underlying principles of cloud computing, machine learning, computer graphics, and other technologies, we will uncover how these technologies are revolutionizing the art of movie-making.

March 21

Prof. David Gesbert, Director EURECOM, France spoke on ‘Robot-Augmented Sensing and Localization for 6G Networks’

The highlights of the lecture were on the use of terrestrial or flying robots carrying radio equipment as it is the new promising frontier in our quest towards ever more flexible, adaptable wireless networks. Robot-augmented networks are not only useful for connectivity and they provide unique sensing capabilities. In the talk, he stressed upon the recent progress on robot-augmented wireless sensing and localization based on tools lying at the cross-roads between machine learning, signal processing and optimization.

March 27

Prof. Santosh Nagarkatte, Associate Professor, Rutgers University, on ‘A Case for Correctly Rounded Math Libraries’

His talk provided an overview of the RLIBM project where we are building a collection of correctly rounded elementary functions for multiple representations and rounding modes. Historically, polynomial approximations for elementary functions have been designed by approximating the real value.