February 2023

Sports Corner

January 20-21
IIITB Students Win Prizes in SIBM’s inter-college tournament

Nikita Kiran (iMTech) won the 2nd prize in Badminton. Abhinav Mahajan (iMTech) won the 2nd prize in E-sports FIFA organised by Symbiosis Institute of Business Management Bengaluru (SIBM) on January 20 & 21.
Also, our students reached the quarter-finals in Men’s Badminton and 2nd round in mixed doubles at the inter-college competition.

January 27-29
IIITB Premier League & Marathon 2023

The IIITB Premier League 2 was conducted from January 27-29 along with a Mini-Marathon on January 27.

The sports conducted were Badminton, Throw ball(mixed), Tennis, Carrom, and Cricket.

Mini-Marathon: it had a 3km track with 4 laps around the campus. Approximately 100 people participated. The top 3 fastest runners were awarded cash prizes.

The top 3 were: 1st place: K Yashovardhan Reddy

 2nd place: Sathvik S Rao

Joint 3rd place: Akhil and Anurag Singh Naruka Badminton:

Badminton: A total of 8 teams participated in this event where each team had 8 players on average. The teams were divided into two groups of four and the top two teams from each group went to the playoffs which was conducted in the IPL playoffs format.

The winning team was Oh Yeah followed by runners-up team BOB.

Cricket: A total of 8 teams participated in this event where each team had a strength of around 9-11 players. The teams were divided into two groups of four and the top two teams from each group went to the playoffs. There was adequate representation from all the batches.

The winning team was the Men of Lilavati followed by the runners-up Red Devils.

Throw ball(mixed): This was the first time holding a mixed event for Throw ball and it had a good turnout. A total of 6 teams with an average of 9 players each participated. A league stage was conducted followed by IPL format playoffs. The winning team was Pandago followed by runners-up Team Nandu.

Carrom: Around 50 teams registered for this event, which had almost 50 interesting matches. The players were highly enthusiastic and the top 4 teams were highly competitive, which led to very close semifinals and finals where each match went for a duration of 2 hours. The winning team was of Sougandh and Sai Keerthan and the runners-up were Shashidhar Basavaraj Nagaral and Teja.

Tennis: A total of 26 registrations were there for the Tennis event, with a total of 35 individual tennis matches with the round of 32, round of 16, and round of 8 being a race to 3 formats, and then the 4 semifinalists being S Rahul, Chaitanya Manas, Aakash Khot and Sooraj Sathish. Then Round Robin was held in a format of Race to 4, which were very high stamina level demanding matches in which, the 1st and 2nd rank was bagged by S Rahul and Chaitanya Manas respectively. The last final match was held for one set, with both the players delivering their 100 percent, giving the audience a match to remember! The winner of the tournament turned out to be S Rahul, the runner-up being Chaitanya Manas. The tournament was a great experience for all the players! The entire was organized with the support of the Sports Committee 2022-23.


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