February 2023

RISE risen to IIITB’s Silver Jubilee Year


Research, Innovation, Society, and Entrepreneurship (RISE) is a flagship Research based Outreach event which is in its seventh edition will be organized during February 24-25, 2023. This year’s RISE is special which is set to give all its visitors a bird’s view on the evolution of research and innovation of IIIT Bangalore. Prof. Shiva Kumar Malapaka, who is leading RISE from the beginning shares with Naviiina how RISE is special this time.

To commemorate RISE in the Silver jubilee year, we have changed the usual pattern of the event and made it theme based. 24th February is an internal invitation-based event. On this day there will be seven theme-based sessions namely:

  • Digital Identity
  • Decisions with Data
  • Smart Environment
  • Hardware & VLSI
  • Theory & Computing
  • Multi-Media
  • Base (Posters only session)

Each of the mentioned sessions will be of two hour duration consisting of an internal Keynote address, a Panel Discussion involving all the faculty working on a particular theme, and talks by students from all levels (starting from iMTech to Ph.D.). There will also be stalls based on these themes where Posters and Demos in a particular theme will be displayed at one place.

On February 25th, we have an Open House and as a part of this, there will be a Keynote from the Director of CAIR Dr. Subrata Rakshit followed by four panel discussions:

  • Authors Panel consisting of Faculty who have published books on various subjects
  • Corporate Panel consisting of HRs and Technical managers of different companies that recruit our students
  • Startups Panel consisting of successful Entrepreneurs who have started small and have now large market presence in different areas
  • Research Labs Panel consisting of Top Level Researchers / Research administrators from Private labs.

The stalls that were already proposed for the 24th, will be open for the general public along with this entire program mentioned earlier. We are also setting up two walls that represent IIITB’s past 25 years of work in the four areas of R, I, S and E and also the way we want to shape our Future based on our current work. As a part of the themes, we will also have demos from startups working with our Faculty and/or Innovation Centre. Any student or visitor who comes to the Open House will be able to know about the latest research happening at IIITB through the various poster presentations and demos from students of all levels (iMTech to Ph.D). They will also be able to look at the important Research that was performed over the last 25 years at IIITB along with the Societal Impact created by various projects of the Institute. Some of the significant Innovation and Entrepreneurship attempts showcased also provide the visitor with an idea of the versatility of our work. Our Future wall will provide insight for any visitor on what directions various research groups wish to take and their ambitions.

The four Panel discussions being organized are to provide students with experiences of successful people in the four different categories these discussions are to focus on. We took a lot of care in choosing the questions to be asked in these panel discussions so that the answers and views expressed by the participants, enrich the minds of the students.

The external Keynote by Dr. Subrata Rakshit might bring the visitors (mainly students) to speed on various challenges in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics over the next 5 years, as this is a fast emerging area.

If  any of the MS or Ph.D. aspirant visits the Open House, he/she will be able to get a fair idea of the kind of research work happening at our institute under various areas of Information Technology and he/she may be able to interact with our Faculty and students who will be present for interactions during Poster sessions which start at 11 am on February 25th.

Hope we have a lot of visitors for this year’s edition and becomes a grand success, with the co-operation of the Director, Deans, all the Faculty, Staff and last but not the least Students at all levels at the institute.


The International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore is a technical and research university in Bangalore, India. The Institute is a registered not-for-profit society funded jointly by the Government of Karnataka and the IT industry under a public-private partnership model.

For more details: Visit www.iiitb.ac.in

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