April 2024

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March 24-25

Spandan 2024

Spandan 2024, the annual intra-college sports fest at IIIT Bangalore, took place on March 24 and 25, bringing together a staggering 900 participants from within the college community. With a diverse array of 14 events, ranging from traditional sports like Basketball, Football and cricket to niche competitions such as Esports and Gym events, there was something for everyone. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement and anticipation as students geared up to showcase their skills and sportsmanship.

The event kicked off with Flag hoisting a grand opening ceremony presided over by our Director, Prof. Debabrata Das, Registrar, Commodore SR Sridhar (Retd) and Sports Officer, Dr. Neha Arora Sports officer along with other distinguished guests adding to the prestige of the occasion. The energy was palpable as the festivities commenced, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.

Throughout the two days, thrilling matches unfolded, characterized by intense competition and nerve-wracking moments. From the basketball court to dramatic finishes in the Esports arena, each event showcased the talent and determination of the participants.

Spandan 2024 came to a close with a memorable closing ceremony. Prof. Debabrata Das, along with Commodore SR Sridhar and and Dr. Neha Arora presented medals and certificates of achievements to all the winners and runners-up, recognizing their outstanding achievements.


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