April 2024



iMTech students Allu Pavan Karthik Reddy and Chillukuru Ashok Reddy (Team AKREDDY) secured the 3rd place at “Investors Vista” competition held during Esummit’24 (Ventura incertus) at IIT Roorkee. Prof. Amit Prakash, Prof. V. Sridhar, Dr. Lakshmi Jagannathan, CEO, IIIT-B Innovation Center and Prof. Manisha Kulkarni mentored Team AKREDDY towards this achievement.

Prof.  Ashish Choudhury’s solo-authored paper got published in Theoretical Computer Science journal, an esteemed CORE A-ranked journal! It’s a full version of his ICDCN 2023 paper, focusing on designing a randomized asynchronous consensus protocol in the non-threshold adversary model.

Prof. Jaya Sreevalsan Nair has been selected as the Associate Editor of the IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing (JSTARS).

IIIT-Bangalore’s Film Division, a new addition to the theatre club Parvaaz, gained attention by winning the 1st prize in the student category of the JUSFF ’24 (Jain University Short Film Festival). Additionally, the team achieved success in various other competitions: at Elan & nVision ’24 (IIT Hyderabad), their shorts “365”, “A Distant Memory”, and “The Mirror’s Image” secured the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions respectively. In Waves ’23 (BITS Goa), “A Distant Memory” claimed 2nd place, while at Meraz ’24 (IIT Bhilai), it secured 1st place, with “365” capturing 3rd place. The team behind “A Distant Memory” included Varshith Vattikuti as writer, director and editor, with contributions from Charan Ravi for the original background score and sound design, Nathan Verghese for cinematography, and Trupti Khodwe for makeup. Graphic design was handled by Adit Maheshwari, with performances by Ayush Tiwari, Champa Anitha, Chandrima Nandi, Sparsh Salodkar, and Raghav Khurana. “365” and “The Mirror’s Image” were also entirely crafted by Varshith Vattikuti, showcasing his multifaceted talent as a filmmaker.

March 14-16

At the IEEE ICCAE 2024 poster presentation in Melbourne, Australia, iMTech students Divyansh Singhal and Chinmay Sultania showcased two papers. The first paper, titled “Braille on Mouse – Enhancing Accessibility of Digital Education for Visually Challenged,” featured co-authors Anshul Madurwar, Mayank Kabra and Prof. Madhav Rao. The second paper, titled “Real-Time Surgical Tool Classification and Characterization with Surface-EMG Signals,” was authored by Siddharth Chauhan, Prof. Madhav Rao and Vikas Vazhiyal. These presentations contributed to advancing accessibility in digital education and real-time surgical tool classification using innovative techniques and signals analysis.

March 29-30

iMTech students Paras Vekariya, Anwit Damale, and Yash Dharmesh Mogal secured the first prize in Track 3 (Make Sense with CAPSENSE) of CircuitAvishkar iHack hackathon hosted at Reva University. They secured the top spot by developing a groundbreaking pattern recognition system utilizing PSoC4 and CAPSENSE technology. The hackathon was sponsored by IEEE CAS Bangalore Chapter and Infineon.


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