April 2024

Breaking Ground in Hackathon by IIIT-B’s iMTech Student


In a recent victory at the CircuitAvishkar iHack hackathon hosted at Reva University challenged the participants to create innovative solutions, for a track, Make Sense with CapSense, our iMTech students, Paras Vekariya, Anwit Damale and Yash Dharmesh Mogal as a team secured the coveted first place. Their groundbreaking achievement stemmed from the development of a revolutionary pattern recognition system utilizing PSoC4 and CAPSENSE technology.

The team’s solution was not only simple but also remarkably effective in addressing the problem statement. Despite constraints that precluded the use of standard machine learning algorithms, they devised a methodology grounded in simple mathematics to derive accurate solutions. Tackling the challenge of symbol recognition from data received via CAPSENSE proved to be particularly formidable.

As the winning team shares with Naviiina that leveraging PSoC4 and CAPSENSE technology, the students effectively acquired electric signals detecting the position and sense of touch on the CAPSENSE touchpad. Utilizing the UART protocol, PSoC4 served as the primary element for data acquisition, demonstrating the team’s adeptness in utilizing advanced technologies.

They credit success to their ability to translate a seemingly simple idea into a challenging yet feasible implementation. By scaling every input digit to a uniform scale and shifting it around the origin, they navigated complexities with finesse. Additionally, the team’s cohesive chemistry facilitated efficient implementation within the allotted timeframe.

Sponsored by IEEE CAS Bangalore Chapter and Infineon, the team benefitted immensely from mentorship and support. Interacting with experienced mentors provided invaluable technical and non-technical assistance, significantly enhancing their hacking experience. The team shares that the innovation emerged out of this hackathon holds promise for broader applications. With further development, their touchpad technology could evolve into a next-generation digital notepad, offering a portable solution for note-taking and potentially revolutionizing traditional pen-and-paper methods.

Paras Vekariya, Anwit Damale and Yash Dharmesh Mogal’s achievement not only elevates their standing in the hackathon community but also highlights the potential for transformative innovation in technology-driven solutions.


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