April 2024

IIIT-B Student’s Patent Revolutionizes Classroom Accessibility


IIIT-Bangalore has long been recognized for nurturing an inclusive and innovative learning environment, providing students with the resources and support needed to pursue research and development in cutting-edge technologies. This supportive ecosystem not only encourages academic growth but also supports students to explore novel solutions to real-world challenges. Recently, iMTech student Mayank Kabra, along with his peers Divyansh Singhal, Chinmay Sultania, Soham Pawar and Anshul Madurwar, achieved a significant milestone by securing a patent for their “System and method for assisting visually impaired” (Patent – 202341044354). Mayank’s achievement marks a historic moment as the first student to obtain a patent while pursuing an iMTech degree at IIIT-B.

Reflecting on his journey, Mayank acknowledges the instrumental role of his mentor, Prof. Madhav Rao, whose guidance and expertise were pivotal in navigating the complexities of research and development. Under Prof. Madhav’s mentorship, Mayank and his team conceptualized and developed a finger-mounted device aimed at enhancing education for visually impaired students. The device, equipped with haptic technology and braille dots, enables real-time conversion of written content on digital boards into tactile feedback, facilitating seamless classroom participation for visually impaired students.

The innovative solution addresses a pressing need in the education sector, where visually impaired students often face barriers to accessing mainstream learning environments. While institutions like IIITB strive to create inclusive programs, technological advancements tailored to the needs of visually impaired students can further enrich their learning experiences and ensure equal opportunities for all.

Patent Winning Technology

Describing the functionality of their device, Mayank explains its ability to track the movements of a digital pointer on a whiteboard and translate written content into tactile feedback in real time. Moreover, the device allows users to trace outlines of figures drawn on the board, providing a comprehensive learning experience aligned with the pace of their peers.

Mayank and his team’s remarkable work sets a new benchmark for prospective students, highlighting the transformative potential of technology in creating a more inclusive and accessible learning environment. As IIITB continues to champion innovation and inclusivity, Mayank’s achievement serves as a testament to the institution’s commitment to excellence and empowering students to make a meaningful impact on society.


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