May 2022

Keep Motivated in Realizing your Dreams True


Motivation is scarce factor which is hardly observed by young minds and those who get highly motivated and keep motivated, achieve whatever they desire to. Now, the billion-dollar question is how to be motivated. The formula is very simple, which goes as:

  • Set a goal in your life (may be personal as well as professional) and always see BIG dream.
  • Find out the path to achieve your goals. The appropriate path can be decided by discussion with peers, seniors, teachers, parents, professionals and successful personalities in the field of your dream/goal. Believe me, this is not difficult at all. ICT tools and social media could of great help in reaching out the people while deciding the appropriate path for attainment of your goals.
  • Be committed to the path and put smart work (rather than hard work) towards your goals and assess your self where you are at certain intervals.
  • Most importantly, have positive attitude despite hardships, challenges and failures. Here, your motivation would help you overcoming the situations. Negative attitude weakens your commitment, loses your self-confidence and puts you in “I cannot do”, “This is beyond my capability”, “The resources available to me are not good”, etc. but positives attitude shall always keep you in “I can”, “This is possible”, “What went wrong with me rather than blaming others”, etc.

So, if you have a goal; if you have an idea how to achieve the goal; you are whole heartedly committed; and your attitude is positive, I can tell you that nobody can stop you in realizing your dreams true.

Let us revisit Einstein’s equation for achieving more and more through developing competence (employability skills that help in noy only getting a job but enjoying a sustainable career growth). We know that standard Einstein’s relationship is:

E =mc2

where m=mass; c=velocity of light and E=Energy.

Now, rethinking and revisiting the equation, we can write:

E =Excellence; m=Motivation; and c=Commitment

Suppose, there are two students in a class X and Y, where X is doubly committed and Y does the task with half hearted approach. For constant motivation “m”.

X: c=2 à E =4

Y: c=1/2 à E =1/4

The above brief analysis suggests that we have to be highly committed to our goals which helps us in achieving more and more. Excellence is nothing but becoming better and better through learning and improving more and more. The commitment automatically comes when we are focused to our dreams. Think about your parents and their unconditional love and support despite huge hardships and difficulties they might have undergone. So, if I think that I have to make my parents proud; I have to make my institute and school proud; I have to make my motherland and country proud; and most importantly I have to improve the quality of lives of many people in the society then I can tell you that you shall be always MOTIVATED.

G R Sinha, Adjunct Professor


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