January 2022

High five

January 2022


January 5-16
DeFi Blockchain Hackathon

Divyam Agrawal (IMT2019028), Gagan Agarwal (IMT2019031) and G Sri Harsha (IMT2019030) won the first place ($2,500) in DeFi Blockchain hackathon hosted by the Finance Club of IIT Bombay. The blockchain hackathon required the development of a DeFi project capable of handling invoice management for onchain transactions.

The final pitching round was held on January 23rd. The judges were from Polytrade Finance, a financial institution from Mumbai.

January 15
NetApp Academia Hackathon

Aditya Sheth (IMT2018003) and Gururaj Mujumdar (MT2021049) won the NetApp Academia Hackathon with a cash prize of Rs. 1 Lakh each. This challenging hackathon tested skills in Data Structures and Algorithms which needed to be solved under two hours.

January 17

Professors, Balaji Parthasarathy and Amit Prakash were awarded a grant of Є50,000 by the International Labour Organization, for their research project titled, “Case studies on Algorithmic Management in the Logistics and Healthcare Sectors in India”. The duration of this project is one year, from January 10, 2021 till December 20, 2022. 

January 21-22
Best Student Showcase Award

Gayathri Venkatesh (IMT2018026), Manasa Kashyap (IMT2018040), Abhigna (IMT2018002) and Mundla Aarthi (IMT2018046) were awarded ‘Best Student Showcase Award’ in Software Product Management Summit 2022, hosted by IIMB and ISPMA. These students did an in-depth analysis of VideoKen’s AI player based on concepts taught by Prof. Haragopal Mangipudi (Adjunct Faculty, IIIT Bangalore) in the SPM course. The team worked closely with VideoKen and made business recommendations for the product that were presented at the SPM Summit.



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