November 2023

Synergy’23 Sparks Innovation and Competition in a Technological Spectacle


Synergy’23, a tech fest of IIIT-B, stormed onto the scene in October 2023, captivating over 2500 participants with a mix of 12 diverse events, 2 insightful talks, and a prize pool that sent shivers down the spines of competitors. Organized by a team of 91 dedicated volunteers from various campus clubs, Synergy’23 delivered an unparalleled experience that ignited the spirit of innovation and competition.

At Synergy’23, tech enthusiasts of every flavor seized the spotlight, from the heart-pounding ByteSynergy 2.0 hackathon, where programmers grappled with real-world challenges, to the intellectual battlefield of CodeQuest 2.0, where coding mastery faced its ultimate trial. The stage belonged to budding entrepreneurs at Pitching Pixels, while Pixel Flow became a cascade of creativity as participants brought forth user-centric designs.

Beyond the realm of code and pixels, SynMUN engaged passionate delegates in thought-provoking discussions on the global implications of technological advancements. LensFlare proved that storytelling and technology are a potent combination, while Sands of Time saw participants embark on a thrilling treasure hunt that tested teamwork and problem-solving skills.

The excitement reached a fever pitch with Lockout Duel, where a battle of wits and coding prowess unfolded, and Bits & Bots, where innovative hardware solutions pushed the boundaries of technology. The icing on the cake came in the form of two captivating talks: Dr. Soren Tranberg Hansen’s insightful talk on the future of AI and Robotics and Likhin K V’s inspiring entrepreneurial journey.

Synergy’23 has raised the stakes to greater heights with its success. The team is already gearing up for Synergy’24, vowing to deliver a more magnificent experience featuring 20 diverse events, including 7-8 exciting new additions.


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