November 2023

Students Illuminate ‘World Food Day’ with Creative Street Play


On the notable occasion of ‘World Food Day’ observed on October 16, despite the less-than-ideal circumstances for raising awareness about food consumption and wastage, students took a creative approach by staging a street play. The objective was to effectively convey the message of responsible food consumption and the imperative to prevent food wastage. The play unfolded the journey of food, illustrating its passage from source to consumer’s table and shedding light on the extensive efforts and resources involved in its production and distribution. A central theme emerged, emphasizing the pivotal role each individual plays in reducing food waste.

Adding weight to the event, our Chief Administration Officer, Mr. Jagadish Patil, illuminated various facets of food management within our institution. His talk covered crucial topics such as food preparation, wastage and donation of the leftover food at the campus. Mr. Patil appealed to the audience, urging them to refrain from unnecessary food waste and to take only what they could consume. This plea seamlessly aligned with the overarching theme of responsible food consumption championed throughout the event.

Moreover, Mr. Patil provided valuable insights into global food shortage issues and future considerations. His address served to reinforce the event’s core message of responsible food management, emphasizing its significance in addressing worldwide food challenges. The combination of the street play and Mr. Patil’s insights created a powerful impact, fostering a sense of responsibility and awareness among the audience regarding the critical issues surrounding food consumption and wastage.


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