July 2022

Expand The Pie, Never Say No to Try


Providing support for doctoral research in a stimulating and creative environment is very important and with the same intent, IIIT Bangalore is dedicated to ensuring its PhD students get the most out of their research and fulfill their as a researcher and develop professionally. Dr. Chinmaye R, who graduated in the Class of 2022 shares her experience while pursuing PhD at IIIT Bangalore.

“No words can describe my Ph.D. experience at IIITB. It has been a rollercoaster ride with a lot of ups and downs.

Originally, I was skeptical if I had to enroll in this program at IIIT-B. Although Ph.D. was my dream, I was not sure if I could manage that with my little kid around. With the support of my family, I took the daring step of getting admitted to a Ph.D. at IIIT-B. Never did I look back after this.

I spent my initial days interacting with the professors of my department and completing coursework. I was captivated by the course contents, teaching techniques, and simplicity of the professors. Not only that, but I must say, IIIT-B is one of the few institutes with faculties that are as good at teaching as research. The course work prepped me for my Ph.D. work. By this time, I gelled well with my fellow M. Tech classmates. We often hang out together, burn the midnight oil in the lab, complete the assignments, study for the exams, etc.

Once I completed my coursework, my guides Prof. Subhajith Sen and Prof. Chetan Parikh gave me all the freedom to choose my problem statement. They always came forward to show me a way out whenever I stalled progress. With their constant support and motivation, and guidance to consider my failures as learning and stepping stones for success, I saw my frustration magically evolve into motivation.

My heartfelt gratitude to IIIT-B for providing the required infrastructure even during the COVID-19 crisis, which helped immensely to complete the work on time.

Apart from academics, I enjoyed being a part of the Women’s throw ball team and enthusiastically participated in Women’s badminton (both singles and doubles) representing IIIT-B. The art-loving part of me got an opportunity to participate in a dance competition with other students and I thoroughly relished my student life at IIIT-B.

IIIT-B strongly believes in “Learning by doing” and I believe one can learn to the best of the abilities only through experimentation, failing fast, and course correction.  My learning curve has been exponential during my stint at IIIT-B and the college has shown me the right path to continue my research.

Finally, I thank the institute for providing a wonderful opportunity to pursue a Ph.D. and realize my dream.”

Dr. Chinmaye R is now working as an Assistant Professor at RV College of Engineering, Bangalore. She teaches Analog and Digital VLSI-related subjects to Undergraduate students.


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