July 2022

IIITB’s Faculty Members receives Best Paper Award (Academia) in IEEE CONNECT 2022


It is heartening to mention about a paper, “A Proactive Connection Setup Mechanism for Large Quantum Networks”, by our Director, Prof Debabrata Das, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Dr. Dibakar Das, Warden, Men’s Hostel, Prof. Shiva Kumar Malapaka, Dean-Faculty, Prof. Jyotsna Bapat and for receiving Conference Best Paper Award (academia) in IEEE CONECCT 2022 out of 578 papers submitted.

The paper describes about the Quantum networks that use inherent properties of quantum mechanics to provide secure transfer of data. One of the key properties of quantum mechanics is entanglement which is exploited in quantum networks to transfer information from one network node to another. Two nodes in a quantum network can communicate when they share an entanglement pair of qubits. In a quantum network it is necessary for two distance nodes to establish entanglement between themselves to transfer information using quantum teleportation. Hence, it is necessary to have an efficient mechanism to distribute entanglement among quantum network nodes. Though most of research on entanglement distribution are based on current state of network parameters such as fidelities, etc., none of them consider using historical data as a way to set up connection between two distant nodes. This paper presents a novel way to establish connection between two nodes using historical statistics of previous data transfer over the quantum channel and proactively distributes entanglement among intermediate nodes to speed up connection setup process. Results show that with increase in quantum network size, the proposed approach improves success rate of connection establishments across the network.

Author contributions statement:
Dr. Dibakar Das conceived the idea, designed the mechanism, performed the simulation and wrote the manuscript. Prof. Shiva Kumar Malapaka explained all the quantum mechanics concepts. Prof. Jyotsna Bapat and Prof. Debabrata Das initiated the study on quantum networks. All these authors participated in multiple discussions and also reviewed the manuscript.


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