August 2022

Rainwater Harvesting Initiative at IIIT Bangalore


Being a Green Campus, water conservation is taken seriously at IIIT Bangalore. Water conservation is implemented on different levels in the college from rainwater harvesting, and tree plantation to maintaining the underground water levels to recycling the water for gardening purposes. The campus has a rooftop rainwater harvesting (RWH) facility. The college buildings, hostels and the nearby areas are catchment areas for RWH. The college has set-up the rain harvesting unit in different niches within the college campus, guest house and hostels, which has the total storage capacity of up to 3.6 lakh litres. The conserved rainwater serves as a secondary source of water.

Talking about the RWH, Mr. Jagadish Patil, Chief Administrative Officer, IIIT Bangalore, says, “Harvested rainwater is filtered through several layers of mesh or strainer fixed across the inlet to the storage system and is cleaned on a regular basis. This process reduces the Total Dissolved Solvent of rainwater thus making the water usable for bathing purposes that satiate the requirements of water for the entire campus. From the newly installed RWH, about 755KL of rainwater has been harvested and utilized which is 70 tanker loads in 50 days that amounts to Rs. 1.02 lakhs of saving!!”