August-September 2021

Guest talk

August – September 2021

August 2: “Time-memory trade-offs for side-channel resistant cryptographic implementations”, by Prof. Srinivas Vivek, IIIT Bangalore

August 9: “Trends and Challenges in Automotive Cyber Security,” by Prof. Roland Haas, IIIT Bangalore

August 16: “Streaming codes for low-latency communication”, by Prof. Nikhil Krishnan, IIIT Bangalore

August 23: “PHY layer processing for 5G-NR base station design”, by Prof. Prem Singh, IIIT Bangalore

August 30: “Intelligent Massive MIMO for beyond 5G Systems”, by Prof. Abhay Kumar Sah, IIT Roorkee

September 6: “Online Education – the Missed Opportunity”, by Prof. S Sadagopan, IIIT Bangalore (Teachers’ Day Special Samvaad)

September 13: “Analysis of radio spectrum pricing for commercial mobile services: A cross country study” by Prof. V. Sridhar, IIIT Bangalore

September 20: “Assessments – The Achilles heel of online education”, by Prof. Chandrashekar Ramanathan, Dean-Academics, IIIT Bangalore


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