January 2024


December 8-10
IIIT-Bangalore Student Tarun Gupta’s Team Emerges Victorious at ETHIndia Hackathon

Tarun Gupta, an iMTech student from IIIT-Bangalore, in collaboration with his teammate Bhavesh from IIT BHU, secured a $1000 prize from Polygon at the ETHIndia hackathon organized by ETHGlobal in Bengaluru from December 8-10. Their victorious project, Zero Day Futures, was crafted using crypto like ETH with Chainlink integration.

December 10
IIIT-Bangalore’s Human Rights Day Article Competition Sheds Light on Inclusive Tech Design

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was adopted in 1948, and since then human rights have become more recognized and more guaranteed across the globe. The promise of the UDHR, of dignity and equality in rights, however, has been under a sustained assault in recent years for various reasons. The theme for the year 2023’s International Human Rights Day was ‘Freedom, Equality and Justice for All’.

On December 10, IIIT-Bangalore celebrated the International Human Rights Day by conducting an article writing competition around the topic ‘How should technologies be designed to promote ‘Freedom, Equality and Justice for All’?

The article authored by our Ph.D. student, O. Aishwarya (PH2020010), under the headline ‘Designing Equitable Futures: A Human Rights Approach to Technology Design,’ has been chosen as the top submission. Despite facing visual impairment, Aishwarya’s innovative thinking stood out. Her article highlights the importance of a deliberate dedication to diversity and collaboration in technology design to develop inclusive and equitable solutions. The emphasis lies in the belief that promoting inclusivity not only enhances the technological landscape but also fosters a society where innovation is accessible and advantageous for all.

December 16
Prof. Amit Prakash Receives Marichi Award

Prof. Amit Prakash received the Marichi award from Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal, former Union Education Minister, in New Delhi on December 16. He was recognized for his work in the area of accessible education for visually impaired by the Indirapuram Group of Institutions.

Prof. Amit who has been teaching and doing research on equity and inclusion in matters related to technology designs and policy choices, who also serves as the Convener of IIIT-B’s Centre for Accessibility in the Global South (CAGS) was awarded Marichi for his dedication, commitment and tireless efforts in the realm of accessible education.


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