January 2024

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December 1
AIDS/HIV Awareness Quiz 2023

The Online AIDS/HIV Awareness Quiz was conducted at IIITB on 1st Dec, 2023 with the aim of spreading knowledge about HIV/AIDS, fostering awareness, and encouraging responsible behavior among participants.

The primary objectives of the Online AIDS/HIV Awareness Quiz were to educate participants about the basics of HIV/AIDS, including transmission, prevention and treatment. The quiz was conducted to promote a stigma-free environment and encourage empathy towards those living with HIV/AIDS. The quiz was hosted on LMS online platform accessible to IIIT-B students. The quiz consisted of multiple-choice questions covering various aspects of HIV/AIDS, including transmission, methods, prevention strategies, statistics and global impact. A total of 175 students attended the quiz.

Winners of the Quiz:

  • 1st Prize: Kunda Sri Krishna Chaitanya (IMT2023039)
  • 2nd Prize: Vishruth Vijay (IMT2022507)
  • 3rd Prize: Siddharth Ayathu (IMT2022517)

December 6
Governing Body Meeting

92nd Governing Body Meeting was held

December 8
K-VLSI Induction Programme

An induction session for over 30 students were conducted at IIIT-Bangalore. K-VLSI is an Advanced Certificate Program in VLSI design for 6 months with focus on theoretical and practical knowledge with extensive exposure to industry relevant projects and 3 months’ internship with the Industry. The theoretical input will be full-time classroom sessions by IIIT-B faculty and the practical knowledge with hands on tools will be delivered by IIIT-B’s training partner Futurewiz. Some of the important elements of VLSI including System design, system verification and embedded systems will be covered in the course. Engineering graduates with electrical, electronics and computer science disciplines are eligible to apply.

December 10
Human Rights Day at IIIT-Bangalore

It is very important to inculcate the aspects of human rights at a very young age. Having an online article writing competition was a way to encourage students to reflect on the principles of human rights, express their opinions and raise awareness about crucial issues facing society. The competition aimed to

encourage critical thinking, articulate expression and engage students in meaningful dialogue on topics related to human rights. The topic for the competition was ‘How should technologies be designed to promote ‘Freedom, Equality and Justice for All’? A prize of 1,000 INR was designated for the top submission, and the selected article would be showcased in IIIT-B’s monthly magazine, Naviiina.

December 15
Crime Prevention Awareness Session

In an effort to enhance campus safety and empower students with the knowledge to protect themselves and their community, IIIT-B hosted a comprehensive crime prevention awareness session.  Electronic City Police generously shared insights with the IIIT-B community by organizing a session covering subjects such as drugs and substance abuse, cybercrime, traffic violations and road safety. Students had the opportunity to engage directly with the police officials, seeking clarification on specific topics and sharing their concerns. This initiative coincided with the Crime Prevention Month observed by Karnataka Police, emphasizing the importance of community engagement in promoting public safety.

December 18
RAC Meeting

IIIT-Bangalore had constituted a three-member Research Advisory Committee (RAC) comprising Prof. Balaram, Dr. Satish Chandra, and Prof. Manohar Swaminathan to advise the Institute on various aspects of Sponsored R&D, Consultancy, and related activities taken up at the Institute. One of the specific items assigned to RAC was to conduct an annual review of the Sponsored R&D Projects and recommend steps to be initiated to bring about quality improvement in this activity. Towards this, the Institute conducted an internal review of ongoing Sponsored R&D Projects on December 18.

December 21
Birthday Celebrations of Housekeeping and Security Staff

Each of us marks our birthdays in our own unique way, but here at the IIIT-Bangalore campus, we add a special twist to the celebration when the housekeeping and security staff join to celebrate the birthdays occurring within that timeframe. This round, they celebrated the birthdays of those born in October, November and December.

December 21
CIET Governing Council Meeting

Proceedings of the Governing Council Meeting for the Center for Internet of Ethical Things (CIET) held under the Chairpersonship of Secretary, Dr. Ekroop Caur, IAS, Department of Electronics, IT, BT and ST at IIIT-Bangalore.  In the meeting it was updated that the CIET activities are under six broad verticals namely Software management, agriculture, healthcare, IoT Systems and Security.

December 22
Christmas Celebrations

In the heart of Christmas celebrations stood a adorned Christmas tree, accompanied by the cherished presence of Santa, a symbol of generosity, joy, and the spirit of giving. Ms. Saroja, from the Coffee Cove, IIIT-B’s coffee corner, embodied Santa, who infused energy into the crowd and inspiring everyone to dance. The festive ambiance soared with a delightful cake-cutting ceremony, capturing the essence of Christmas. The event showcased dance performances and soulful musical renditions by our talented staff members, adding a dynamic and engaging dimension to the celebration. Culminating in a high tea, the festivities provided a delightful opportunity for everyone to mingle, share laughter, and savor a delectable spread of festive treats and refreshments.


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