December 2023



J. Sreevalsan-Nair, A. Mubayi, J. Chhabra, R. R. Vangimalla, and P. R. Ghogale, “Evaluating Early Pandemic Response through Length-of-Stay Analysis of Case Logs and Epidemiological Modeling: A Case Study of Singapore in Early 2020,” Computational and Mathematical Biophysics, vol. 11, no. 1, p. 20 230 104, October 2023. [Online]. Available:

L. S. Liang, J. Sreevalsan-Nair, and B. S. D. Sagar, “Multispectral Data Mining: A Focus on Remote Sensing Satellite Images,” Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, e1522, October 2023. eprint: [Online]. Available:


The International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore is a technical and research university in Bangalore, India. The Institute is a registered not-for-profit society funded jointly by the Government of Karnataka and the IT industry under a public-private partnership model.

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