February 2021

High Five

February 2021

February 12

Arpith Malavalli (IMT2018504), Nikitha Adivi (IMT2018051), Sai Rithwik M (IMT2018061), Saiakash Konidena (IMT2018063) and Sama Sai Karthik (IMT2018067) participated in a hackathon “EY Techathon” which started in December, 2020. They have  entered the final round of hackathon.

February 15

IIIT Bangalore launches its very own podcast, Technology Together, to discuss the social, political and cultural factors that shape the design, development and utility of technology. In the first episode, Prof. Amit Prakash and Vidhya, IIIT Bangalore alumna spoke about the challenges faced by visually impaired students in STEM education and their efforts to address those challenges.


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