October 2023

Under Mentorship of Vivek Yadav, Students Craft VR Experience in Future of Learning and Entertainment in Metaverse


Team Kamikazee, led by iMTech students, Akshat Garg and Agrim Jain from IIIT Bangalore under the mentorship of Vivek Yadav, clinched the runner-up spot in the IEEE Computer Society Bangalore Chapter’s “Hack the Metaverse” hackathon, bagging a commendable prize of 30,000 INR.

Their innovative concept materialized into a Virtual Reality (VR) helicopter game that not only offered entertainment but also demonstrated meticulous attention to detail. Picture being immersed in the experience of piloting a helicopter in a video game—it felt incredibly lifelike! The team meticulously adhered to the fundamental principles of 3D movement, incorporating elements like air resistance, gravity, and the persistence of motion. This attention to realism heightened the sense of flying in the virtual world. To enhance the gaming experience, they integrated a digital dashboard for helicopter control and a special arrow for navigation, adding an extra layer of enjoyment. The game’s realistic sound and visuals not only provided entertainment but also showcased its potential for real-world applications, particularly in helicopter flight training. By faithfully replicating real-life physics and dynamics, Kamikazee’s creation offers a secure platform for individuals aspiring to learn how to fly helicopters.

In a world continually advancing into the metaverse, Team Kamikazee’s game exemplifies the incredible possibilities when cutting-edge technology meets imaginative ideas. Their triumph in the competition underscores the dedication and ingenuity they poured into creating something extraordinary in the digital realm.

Hack the Metaverse was hosted at IIIT-Bangalore from September 12-15.


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