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Rachna Kedigehalli’s Path through IIIT-B’s Industry-Ready Curriculum


Rachna Kedigehalli, graduating iMTech student of IIIT-Bangalore had often heard her seniors and professors say that IIIT-Bangalore produces “industry-ready” students. Today, after having taken up industry internships, she can confidently vouch for this to be true. The curriculum has the right balance between theory and practice. Sharing her academic journey with Naviiina, Rachna says her journey was filled with memorable moments and experiences that have significantly shaped her life.

Recalling her decision, she says, “IIIT-Bangalore’s faculty, comprehensive curriculum, and lively student community were the driving forces behind my choice to study there. The professors’ expertise, dedication, and passion for teaching were evident from the start, and I’ve immensely benefited from their guidance and mentorship throughout my journey at IIITB.” Reflecting on the curriculum, she notes, “The program’s forward-looking approach ensured that I stayed relevant in the ever-changing tech landscape, preparing me for the demands of the industry.” She emphasizes the significance of the student community, stating, “The close-knit nature of our student community was a real advantage. Surrounded by peers who shared my enthusiasm for technology, collaboration and creativity thrived, making my educational journey truly enriching.”

Her days at IIIT-Bangalore has been filled with memorable moments and experiences that have significantly shaped her journey. “One of the most memorable experiences during my time at IIIT-Bangalore was being part of various clubs and committees. Being actively involved in organizing events not only enriched my college experience but also instilled in me a sense of responsibility and ownership. It was incredibly rewarding to see months of planning and hard work culminate in successful and memorable events that brought the college community together. Additionally, the friendships forged and connections made with fellow students have been invaluable. Whether it was late-night study sessions, group projects, or simply sharing meals together, these interactions have enriched my educational experience and provided a strong support system throughout my journey at IIIT-Bangalore,” adds Rachna.


Coping with Academic Pressure and Embracing Leisure

One of the foremost challenges was the rigorous coursework and demanding deadlines. Juggling multiple courses, assignments, and projects alongside extra-curricular activities often felt overwhelming. Engaging in leisure activities, whether it was playing sports or simply hanging out with friends provided a nice break. The Covid-19 pandemic was a particularly difficult time. Transitioning from in-person to remote classes required adjustments, especially in study habits. At the same time, transiting back to in-person classes from the comfort of having recorded lectures to fall back on, also took effort.

Reflecting on her experience, she offers incoming students this advice: As you step into college life, it’s common to feel like you’re venturing into uncharted territory alone. However, that’s not the reality once you are part of the college community. “We have a very supportive community here at IIIT-Bangalore. Make use of that and many other things that the college has to offer. Collaborate with your peers. That way, you will learn things which wouldn’t be possible otherwise. This is true for both academic and non-academic settings. Lastly, I would encourage incoming students to approach their education holistically and strive to grow as a whole. While academic excellence is undoubtedly important, don’t neglect your personal and professional development. Take time to explore your interests, develop soft skills, and pursue extracurricular activities that align with your passions,” she assures.

Summing up her experience, she concludes, “Overall, my time at IIIT-Bangalore exceeded my expectations, laying a strong foundation for my future endeavors in the tech industry.”


The International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore is a technical and research university in Bangalore, India. The Institute is a registered not-for-profit society funded jointly by the Government of Karnataka and the IT industry under a public-private partnership model.

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