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Exploring the Essence of IIIT-Bangalore’s Canteen Culture


The canteen at IIIT-Bangalore stands out as it is a place to eat, but a cozy hangout spot where students can relax and take a break from their studies. The open-air seating area with its cool breeze creates a calming environment that helps students think better. More than just food, the canteen offers a lively atmosphere filled with friendly chatter, laughter and a sense of community. It is a place where worries fade away as students catch up over cups of tea and delicious meals catered to different tastes.

The canteen staff’s excellent service and the diverse menu options make it a favourite among students. It’s a cherished part of campus life, providing a comfortable space to unwind, socialize and create lasting memories with friends.

Food Committee Ensures Inclusive Menus

IIIT-Bangalore’s student-run Food Committee plays a vital role in menu design and selection, ensuring all students feel at home with diverse food options. Recognizing the diverse backgrounds of students, the committee meticulously plans breakfast menus with a mix of popular dishes from across India. Three days’ feature North Indian delights like paranthas and puris, while another three days offer South Indian favorites such as idli and dosa. This thoughtful approach ensures students from all regions find comfort in their meals, bringing in a sense of belonging in the campus canteen.

Food Committee’s Responsibilities in Ensuring Taste and Quality in Canteen Services

  • Designing bi-weekly food menu 
  • Plan and execute special feasts that celebrate cultural festivals, holidays and other occasions. 
  • Work with the mess manager and staff to maintain high standards of cleanliness and hygiene in the kitchen and dining areas.
  • Act as a liaison between students and the mess management team to address any concerns or issues related to the food service.
  • Deciding the menu and the pricing of the items in the tuck-shop.

Taste of Home

Giving a detailed information on what it takes to design a food menu, Prabal Mahajan, Food Committee Member says, “When it comes to lunch and dinner, the committee ensures that the menu is a delightful blend of flavors. Every day, students can look forward to a staple dish like sambar or rasam, which is a beloved accompaniment in many Indian households. Alongside this, there is always a separate North Indian-style gravy dish and an Andhra-style curry, catering to different regional preferences. By offering such a diverse range of options, the Food Committee aims to create a dining experience that feels like a home away from home for every student. Whether it’s a comforting North Indian dish or a tantalizing South Indian preparation, there is something to satisfy every craving and remind students of the flavors they grew up with.”

IIIT-Bangalore’s Fight Against Food Waste

Sustainability is one of the core ethos of IIIT-Bangalore. The entire community says a strict ‘no’ to the food wastage. The institute boasts of interesting sustainable practices with respect to food management. Mr. Jagadish Patil, Chief Administration Officer, IIIT-Bangalore, says, “In our ongoing efforts we give thrust on sustainability to combat food waste. We have implemented a series of initiatives. Dynamic student data is shared daily with our food vendor, ensuring precise meal preparation and payments. We have adopted a ‘Single Kitchen/Single Food Court’ approach, we offer diverse buffet options, empowering students to customize their meals. Daily food waste is transparently displayed, urging students to minimize wastage and make mindful consumption choices. Surplus food is repurposed by offering it to our housekeeping staff and security personnel at discounted rates. These initiatives reflect our commitment to sustainability, promoting responsible consumption and highlighting a culture of shared accountability within our community.”

A Glimpse into IIIT-B’s Canteen Service

  • Student’s food committee takes care of overall in-charge of the food preparation.
  • Food Committee inspects the stocks, brand / quality of the commodities/food ingredients and food preparation process
  • Vegetables/Eggs/Meats are procured 24-48 hours prior to minimize storage.
  • Seasonal vegetables/fruits are procured to ensure quality
  • RO water is used for the food preparation and monthly testing of RO water through MOEF/NABL approved laboratories.
  • Designated places for Vegetable washing, cutting and cooking to ensure cooking floor to remain clean and dry all the time.
  • Regular AMC of all kitchen equipment, Chimneys and exhaust system
  • Surprise visits by Registrar / CAO / Wardens to the food preparation areas
  • CCTV Cameras at Kitchen to monitor live and retrieve data when required.
  • All Food samples (one meal each) are kept in the refrigerators for 48 hours for quality checking in case of food poisoning.

At IIIT-Bangalore, the Food Committee ensures student satisfaction by maintaining open channels for feedback. We distribute regular feedback forms and provide a register at the canteen for instant comments. Engaging with on-campus student groups, we promptly address concerns and conduct menu polls to cater to diverse tastes. This collaborative approach aims to enhance the canteen experience, ensuring every student feels welcomed and satisfied.

Spices N Chefs Crafts Culinary Excellence at IIIT-Bangalore

Spices N Chefs, a unit of Spade Integrated Services Private Limited, currently oversees the comprehensive canteen services through a contractual agreement, placing paramount importance on the quality of raw materials and the health and hygiene of its staff. Phalguni Kumar Mohanty, Unit Manager at Spices N Chefs, emphasizes the collaborative ethos with IIIT-Bangalore’s management, praising IIIT-Bangalore’s commitment to responding to feedback to ensure culinary satisfaction.

A diligent team of 58 canteen staff members tirelessly work from dawn until evening, from 4 AM to 9:30 PM, dedicated to providing wholesome and tasty food. This ensemble comprises 19 skilled cooks led by a head chef, complemented by 18 servers and 16 diligent individuals responsible for maintaining immaculate dining utensils. In addition, a specialized team of four members is solely dedicated to preparing chapatis, with a daily production averaging 3,000 pieces.

The IIIT-Bangalore canteen is more than just a dining space; it’s a hub of cherished memories and community bonding. From lively cricket season gatherings to late-night birthday celebrations, it nurtures a strong sense of fellowship among students. Prabal notes its role as a meeting ground for knowledge exchange between seniors and juniors. During exams, the tuck shop’s extended hours provide essential refreshments, enhancing students’ study experience. These anecdotes illustrate the canteen’s integral role in nurturing a vibrant campus community, enriching college life beyond academics.


The International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore is a technical and research university in Bangalore, India. The Institute is a registered not-for-profit society funded jointly by the Government of Karnataka and the IT industry under a public-private partnership model.

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