November – December 2020

Campus news

November – December 2020


The Student Advisory Committee (SAC) didn’t allow the pandemic to dampen the spirit of Diwali celebrations on campus. Instead, SAC decided to celebrate “ELEMENTS” a group of several events to revere the festival of lights in a unique manner.

“ELEMENTS” included:

  1. Style Check (by SAC)
  2. Debate (by DebSoc)
  3. Groove with IIITB (by Dance Club)
  4. Symphony (by Music club)
  5. Put on your mask (by Parvaaz)
  6. Sparkles (by Art club)
  7. Aitihaasika (by Turiya club)
  8. Elements of change (by 8bit)

“ELEMENTS” received an excellent response from students’ fraternity. Some of the events like Aitihaasika and Style Check were open to faculty and staff as well. IIITB Alumni took part in Groove with IIITB.

“SquareOne”—Virtual induction for 2020-21 academic year

The changeover from school to college life is like to turn over a new leaf in everyone’s life. In order to make this transition requires a gentle handholding. Like every year, “SquareOne”, the induction committee of IIIT Bangalore conducted an induction program for the academic year 2020-21. To smoothen the process of change for the new batch of students. Following cultural programs were organized to familiarize students with college campus, faculty and their peers:

  • “Senior-Junior Interaction” (4th November)
    It encouraged new students to acquaint with their peers and seniors and this interactive session was conducted online.
  • “Treasure Hunt” (8th November)
    New batch of students were plugged into virtual tour of the campus as part of the induction program. Treasure Hunt was one such virtual event wherein students virtually toured to know the events and fests of IIIT Bangalore.
  • “League of Fanatics” (7th November)
    Having common interests among people makes them understand each other well. “League of Fanatics” was a unique event for the new batch to showcase their love for movies and web series. This allowed the IMT2020 batch not only to interact, make new friends but to win interesting prizes as well.
  • “Club Workshops” (9th – 15th November)
    A glimpse of co-curricular activities was given through workshops such as Zense, Enigma and CAMP workshops. Cultural activities are an integral part of IIIT Bangalore; theatre arts, debate, music and art club conducted workshops for the new batch.

These workshops and sessions witnessed a great enthusiasm and participation from the new batch of students.

  • UI/UX Workshop by Shreyas Gupta(IMT2016122) (17th November)
    In a move to familiarize the new comers to the information technology platform, Shreyas Gupta (IMT2016122), conducted UI/UX workshop. He gave them a rundown on technology by showing them a different facets of software design.

The events were successfully conducted over a one-month. The Treasure Hunt, League of Fanatics and the UI/UX Workshop received an overwhelming responses from the newly inducted batch.

Constitution Day

Celebrating events that are of national significance is an integral part of IIIT Bangalore. On 26th November, which is observed as the Constitution Day or Samvidhan Diwas, faculty and students of IIIT Bangalore gathered to express gratitude to the makers of our Constitution and to reiterate our commitment to building the India of their dreams. Cmde SR Sridhar (Retd), Registrar, IIIT Bangalore, briefly outlined the significance of celebrating National Constitution Day, the importance of Preamble. He also narrated the procedure for amending, basic rights and responsibilities of Indian citizen as per the Constitution. The students and staff members were also present at the event.  

Indocrypt 2020

The 21st International Conference on Cryptology in India, was co-organised by IIIT Bangalore between 13th-16th December. In the virtually held conference, Prof. S Sadagopan was a General Co-chair and Prof. Srinivas Vivek was the Organising Chair for the event.

IIIT Bangalore pays homage to Late Prof. B S Sonde and Late Prof. K Subrahmaniam

In remembrance of Late Prof. B S Sonde, IIIT Bangalore dedicated Centre for Electronics and Embedded Systems (CEEMS) Lab. Prof. B S Sonde was a pillar of strength to IIIT Bangalore. He was a member of IIIT Bangalore Senate for more than a decade. His vital role in planning curricula of various programmes of the institute was commendable. He played pivotal role in obtaining Deemed University status and recognition of M. Tech and Integrated M. Tech programmes by AICTE.

IIIT Bangalore dedicated the Board Room to Late Prof. K Subrahmaniam who will be remembered for his dedication for the growth of IIIT Bangalore. He was one of the institute’s governing body and he was also on the Board of IIIT Bangalore. He served the institution for 12 years and his contribution will always be revered.

On 9th November Cmde SR Sridhar (Retd), Registrar, IIIT Bangalore along with other leadership team members paid tribute to both Late Prof. B S Sonde and Late Prof. K Subrahmaniam.

Prof. Jyotsna Bapat, Dean Faculty honored for completing 15 years at IIIT Bangalore

Prof. Jyotsna Bapat, Dean Faculty has been passionately teaching Digital Signal Processing, one of the core areas of the Information Technology. She received her Ph.D. from Penn State University and her thesis was in the area of semi-blind equalization applied to communication systems. On completing 15 years in IIIT Bangalore, Prof. Sadagopan, Director of IIIT Bangalore congratulated and felicitated Prof. Jyotsna on 28th December. Cmde SR Sridhar (Retd), Registrar, IIIT Bangalore and Prof. Debabrata Das along with other faculty were also present at the occasion.

IIIT Bangalore bids farewell to Mr. Pitchiah, Financial Advisor of the institute

In his seven years of tenure as a Financial Advisor, Mr. Pitchiah played a key role in streamlining IIIT Bangalore’s financial processes. His expertise in accounts, finance, audit and taxation had brought a great amount of financial efficiency in the institute. Acknowledging his immense contribution to the institute, Prof. S. Sadagopan, Director of IIIT Bangalore felicitated Mr. Pitchiah on 31st December. During the occasion, Mr. Pitchiah thanked the leadership team and staff of IIIT Bangalore for his rewarding experience at the institute.


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