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Campus Buzz

April 7IIIT-Bangalore's Miles4Meals-A Run for a Cause and Fitness In the early hours of April 7, IIIT-Bangalore laid the groundwork to raise funds in support of midday meals for school children by partnering with the Akshaya Patra Foundation. This initiative was...

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Mathematical Matrix

(10 X 10) Intersection Colour Magic Square: Every row got (10 X 3) = 30 cells, with 10 different colours and each appearing three times in every row (i.e. 3 red, 3 blue, 3 green…). Every column got (10 X 3) = 30 cells, with 10 different colours and each appearing...

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People on IIIT-B Visit

April 18Visit of Christ Academy The IIIT-Bangalore campus buzzed with students and faculty members from Christ Academy embarked on a visit. During their visit, the guests were given guided tours of the campus facilities, including the laboratories, classrooms and...

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Through the Lens

Introducing a new section dedicated to travel photography, highlighting the essence and charm of every destination. From the lively hues of bustling markets to the tranquil allure of secluded beaches to mesmerizing hills, these images provide a glimpse into diverse...

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April 12 Prof. Jaya Sreevalsan Nair was the external examiner for Ph.D. thesis examination of Mr. Dheerendra Pratap Singh, Department of Civil Engineering, MNIIT, Allahabad. The thesis examination was completed in January 2024; and the thesis defense was on April 12....

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Welcome aboard

Prof. Sakshi AroraAssistant Professor In the dynamic world of academia, finding individuals truly passionate about teaching and research can be a rarity. Yet, nestled within the corridors of IIIT-Bangalore, one such gem shines bright – Prof. Sakshi Arora. With a...

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