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Other Stories in July 2023

Mathematical Matrix

16 X 16 Prime Reciprocal Magic Square A 18 * 18 Magic square has long been known, we present here a procedure for generating a 16 * 16 Magic square may be for the very first time, using a very interesting method. Let us start with 2 numbers A & B. ‘A’ is the...

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Samvaad Talk

June 26 Mr. Peter Chacko on 'Being an Inventive Student - with a missionary DNA' Mr. Peter Chacko, Founding Labor & General Officer, Neridio Systems Pvt. Ltd. discussed various stages any student has to go through before they become a deeptech innovator. Mr. Peter...

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People on IIIT-B Visit

June 6 Dr R Balasubramaniam, Member, of the Human Resources department of the Capacity Building Commission under the Government of India, visited our campus to explore potential collaborations. June 14 Visit of Kenya Delegation June 15 the faculty of RV College of...

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Hanbal, Rajesh Dinesh, Amit Prakash, and Janaki Srinivasan (2023), "Seeing data like a state: A case of Open Government Data in India’s livelihoods program", Information Polity, 28 (2), pp. 259-275.https://content.iospress.com/articles/information-polity/ip220060...

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Master Stroke

A photo by Dhanush R, Assistant Accountant, IIIT-B, captures a mesmerizing moment at Kapila River, Nanjangud, Karnataka, where the raft basks in the glittering water, with the sunlight casting a stunning silhouette backdrop.

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