July 2023

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June 5
IIIT-Bangalore Takes the Lead in Celebrating World Environment Day

IIIT Bangalore celebrated World Environment Day on June 5 demonstrating the institute’s unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability. The primary objective of the event was to raise awareness about the vital significance of environmental protection and the implementation of efficient waste management practices. Engaging in a range of activities, the Director, Prof. Debabrata Das, staff members, and graduating students actively participated in discussions and initiatives throughout the day.

One of the key highlights of the World Environment Day celebrations was a tree plantation drive organized by IIIT Bangalore. The focus of the drive was to plant indigenous fruit-bearing trees, fostering biodiversity and contributing to a greener environment. A total of five tree saplings were meticulously planted during the event, with each sapling receiving special attention:

  • Butter fruit and Java plum Graduating Students-2023
  • Star fruit by the female staff of IIIT-B
  • Java plum by our Director, Prof. Debabrata Das, Registrar, Commodore, SR Sridhar (Retd) and CAO, Mr. Jagadish P Patil.
  • Water Apple by out Director, Prof. Debabrata Das

Furthermore, Mr. Jagadish P Patil delivered a comprehensive briefing on plastic and waste management on campus. He shed light on the college’s concerted efforts to minimize plastic usage and implement effective waste management systems. The informative session served to educate and inspire the audience regarding the importance of sustainable practices and the collective responsibility toward environmental preservation.

June 12-14
IIIT-Bangalore Empowers Power Grid Corporation Professionals

IIIT-Bangalore organized sessions exclusively for professionals from Power Grid Corporation of India Limited who had registered for the Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science/Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence. It was the 2nd Cohort, that benefited from the guidance of IIIT-Bangalore’s esteemed faculty members. The learners had the opportunity to engage in direct, face-to-face interactions with these faculty members, enabling them to strategize their career development and project work effectively.

June 21
IIIT-Bangalore Celebrated ‘Yoga for Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’

On the June 21, IIIT-Bangalore joyously celebrated the 9th International Day of Yoga, like every year.  The campus’s Sports Arena, specifically the Badminton Hall, served as the venue for the yoga session. The event welcomed the participation of students, faculty and staff members. Mr. Kaushik S.V., the Head of the Institutional Programme at the Art of Living Foundation, graced the occasion as an esteemed guest, who conducted a yoga session too.

The session commenced with a recreational game and warm-up exercises, energizing all the participants. Following the warm-up, everyone diligently performed the asanas in accordance with the International Day of Yoga protocol. The session culminated with a serene meditation, providing a tranquil conclusion to the event.

Embracing the theme of the 2023 International Day of Yoga, a remarkable program called the ‘Ocean Ring of Yoga’ was introduced. On this Yoga day, June 21st, yoga demonstrations took place on various ships and ports in collaboration with the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of External Affairs, and Ministry of Ports, Shipping, and Waterways. This innovative initiative aims to showcase the transformative power of yoga in fostering global unity and harmonious coexistence. The program aligns with this year’s theme, ‘Yoga for Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,’ emphasizing the importance of viewing the world as one interconnected family.

June 27
A Separate Counseling Room was Inaugurated

By having a designated room for counseling, IIIT-Bangalore acknowledged the importance of mental health and recognize the unique challenges students face. It highlights the commitment to supporting students’ emotional and psychological well-being as an integral part of their academic journey. Our Director, Prof. Debabrata Das inaugurated the room in the presence of key officials including faculty members, students and the team from YourDost.

June 28
Farewell Function

Prof. GN Srinivasa Prasanna and Prof. Subajit Sen bid farewell amidst a heartwarming ceremony as they gracefully retired on June 30, 2023. The occasion was also marked by a farewell event dedicated to Prof. Neelam Sinha, who embarked on a new chapter of her career at a different organization.

IIIT-Bangalore Hosts Memorable Feast with Traditional Plantain Leaf Dining Experience

Experiencing a meal served on a plantain leaf is truly unique. IIIT-B treated everyone to a delightful feast on June 28, where food was served on these traditional leaves.


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