February 2024

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January 1
Inauguration of C-TAC

The Center for Theory and Applications of Computing (C-TAC) was inaugurated by the Director on 1st January, 2024. The primary objective of C-TAC is to cultivate a dynamic, interdisciplinary research environment that advances the frontiers of computing theory while fostering meaningful applications that address real-world challenges. This center aims to become a hub of innovation, attracting top-tier PhD students, renowned theoreticians, and industry collaborators.

January 2
Condolence Meeting for Mr. Abraham

Mr. C M Abraham, who served as Registrar of IIIT-Bangalore since 2001 to 2010, passed away on January 2 after battling illness for some time. The IIIT-B community honored his memory by observing a minute of silence. Throughout his tenure, Mr. Abraham played a crucial role in managing a wide array of administrative, academic and operational functions at IIIT-B.

January 2
Orientation Session for PhD Students

On January 2, the orientation session not only marked the commencement of a scholarly journey but also instilled a sense of belonging and purpose within the vibrant academic community at IIIT-Bangalore. PhD students were encouraged to seize the numerous research opportunities ahead at the institution.

January 3
Director’s New Year Greetings to Faculty and Staff Members

Prof. Debabrata Das, our Director, extended New Year wishes to all faculty and staff members of IIIT-Bangalore. The atmosphere in the Auditorium was filled with joy as the winners of the ‘Best out of Waste’ competition was awarded their prizes.

The recipients of Kreedotsav prizes were honored during the gathering. Moreover, participants of the Academia Workshop were presented with certificates, adding to the celebratory spirit of the occasion.

January 4-7

IIIT-Bangalore played host to the International Conference on Data Science and Management of Data (CODS-COMAD) held from January 4-7, 2024. CODS-COMAD, the flagship conference of ACM India Special Interest Group on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (IKDD), stood as a pivotal gathering of leading minds in the field of Data Science.

Prof. Dinesh Babu Jayagopi, the local organizer, emphasized that IIIT-Bangalore, renowned for its robust research group in Data Science and acclaimed academic programs in Data Science and AI, was well-suited to host conferences of the caliber of CODS-COMAD. The institute’s strong foundation in the realm of Data Science provided the ideal environment for fostering collaboration and advancing the discourse on cutting-edge developments in the field.

The CODS-COMAD conference represented an opportunity for the global Data Science community to come together, share knowledge and shape the future of this dynamic and rapidly evolving sector.

The conference witnessed an illustrious lineup of keynote speakers, featuring renowned academicians and industry experts in the field of Data Science. Notable figures such as Professors Thomas Dietterich, David Page, Sunita Sarawagi, Ragini Verma, Susam Davidson and Partha Talukdar offered invaluable insights into the latest advancements and trends in the domain of Data Science.

January 6
IEEE-CSS-Bangalore-Chapter’s Annual Workshop

IIIT-Bangalore hosted a one-day workshop “Data Driven Techniques in Control & Applications” on January 6 as a part of the Annual Workshop series of IEEE CSS Bangalore Chapter. The organizers were Dr. Jayesh Barve from GE Global Research and Prof. Sachit Rao from IIIT-B.

The first half of the workshop had lectures from academia and industry. Speakers from IISc and IIIT-B brought forth the challenging problems in robotics and automotive applications and presented the amalgamation of the control aspects and Machine Learning/Deep learning to address the problems. The talk by Mr. Surendhar Selvaraj from Continental Automotive gave an idea of the magnitude of data generated by the next-generation vehicles and their management.

In the second half of the workshop, the Lab-Demo/Hands-On session was conducted by a team from Mathworks led by Dr. Souvick Chatterjee. The hands-on session elaborated on the use of Reinforcement learning for Control and Applications. In summary, the workshop was an enriching experience with discussions and learning.

January 12
Happy Healthy Hour

At the Happy Healthy Hour, Mr. Indranil Ray, an experienced yoga instructor, led a fulfilling one-hour session for faculty, staff and students. During the session, Mr. Ray guided participants through a comprehensive yoga regimen, covering a spectrum of practices including warm-up asanas, core asanas and pranayamas. Participants found the session to be rejuvenating, with the holistic approach to yoga promoting physical well-being, mental clarity and inner peace.

January 13-15
Makara Sankranthi Celebrations

The festive spirit of Lohri, Makara Sankranthi, and associated traditions reverberated throughout the campus of IIIT-Bangalore, as students and staff came together to celebrate these vibrant occasions. The festivities encompassed a variety of cultural activities, each adding its own unique charm to the festivities.

A central feature of the celebrations was the traditional bonfire, which illuminated the old basketball court, serving as a focal point for communal gatherings and merriment. In the mess area, the aroma of freshly cooked pot Pongal wafted through the air. Canteen staffers too joined in the festivities. Meanwhile, the multi-purpose hall buzzed with creativity as students gathered to craft colorful kites.

Adding to the visual splendor of the occasion was a magnificent rangoli adorning the Aryabhata Block, a testament to the creativity of the students. Through these spirited celebrations, IIIT-Bangalore not only honored age-old traditions but also fostered a sense of unity, diversity, and joy among its members, reinforcing the campus as a vibrant hub of culture and community.

January 18
Staff Training on ‘Enhancing Communication Skills’

Effective and assertive communication is important in both interpersonal interactions and official settings. The significance of communication dynamics became abundantly clear during a compelling hour-long session led by Lt Cdr (Retd.) Sushree Shivanee Pattnaik, a leadership-communication coach, for all staff members of IIIT-Bangalore.

The session proved to be engaging and thought-provoking, with Lt Cdr (Retd.) Pattnaik delving into a range of intriguing topics that sparked lively discussions and encouraged active participation. Through interactive activities and stimulating discussions, participants were able to explore the intricacies of effective communication in a dynamic and collaborative environment.

January 20

Confluence 2024 made its grand debut at IIIT-Bangalore marking a significant milestone in the institution’s calendar. The event showcased an array of extraordinary talks by distinguished individuals hailing from diverse domains, captivating audiences with their expertise and insights.

On January 20, Confluence 2024 unfolded under the theme, “The Butterfly Effect: Small Acts, Big Impact,” resonating with the notion that even seemingly minor actions can lead to profound consequences. The event brought together a lineup of distinguished speakers, each offering unique perspectives and enriching discussions.

Dr. Kailash Nadh, CTO at Zerodha, an expert in Artificial Intelligence & Computational Linguistics, Dr. Manish Gupta, Director of Google Research India. Arjun Majumdar, the entrepreneur behind Indiahikes, shared his vision for exploring new trekking trails. Ms. Susan Thomas, an IRS officer and feminist, shed light on power structures and value systems in institutions. Manek D’Silva, an illustrator & designer, brought creativity with rich storytelling and a cheeky sense of humor. Deyvant Bhardwaj, co-founder of Inside FPV, showcased innovation in drone technology for defense, agriculture and commercial use.

Confluence 2024 served as a platform for intellectual exchange, inspiration and exploration, reinforcing IIIT-B’s culture of innovation and collaboration. The event left participants enlightened, empowered and inspired to embark on their own journeys of impact and transformation.

January 22
Bhoomi Pooja of IIIT-B East Campus

A significant milestone was achieved by IIIT-Bangalore on January 22as Prof. Debabrata Das, the esteemed Director, along with his wife, Dr. Mahua Das, laid the foundation stone for the expansion of the campus. This expansion, located in Chikkanamangala Village, Sarjapur Hoblie, 5 kilometers from the current campus, marked beginning of a new chapter in IIIT-B’s journey.

The auspicious occasion was marked by a traditional Bhoomi Pooja conducted at the site, symbolizing the commencement of construction for the IIIT-B East Campus. The presence of our Chairman, Mr. Kris Gopalakrishnan, added significance to this historic moment.

January 24
Free Health Check-Up

IIIT-Bangalore campus hosted a health camp aimed at benefiting faculty and staff members. The camp encompassed a range of medical assessments, including measurements of height, weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), random blood sugar levels, blood pressure checks and electrocardiograms (ECG). Following the assessments, attendees had the opportunity for personalized doctor consultations at the Medical Center’s Doctor’s Cabin located on the ground floor of the Bhaskara building.

January 26
Republic Day Celebrations

On January 26, IIIT-Bangalore proudly commemorated the 75th Republic Day with a spirit of patriotism and dedication resonating throughout the campus. Students, faculty, staff and housekeeping members gathered in front of the flag, filled with a profound sense of national pride.

The ceremony commenced with the unfurling of the national flag by our Director, Prof. Debabrata Das, accompanied by the rendition of the national anthem and an address by the Director. Following this, our Registrar, Commodore SR Sridhar (Retd), called out the names six outstanding staff members to receive Commendation Certificates from the Director. Among the recipients were Ms. Swathi Sharma, Senior Producer-Digital Media and Branding, Ms. Rasmita Sahu, Administrative Officer (CPE), Mr. Biswa Bhusan Dhal, Technical Assistant & Purchase and Stores, Mr. Suresh Kumar, Manager (Finance), Mr. Manoj HP, Design Consultant and Mr. Phalguni Mohanty, Unit Manager, Canteen.

The celebration continued with cultural performances organized by the students. The Music Club filled the air with patriotic songs, while Prabal Mahajan, a final year iMTech student, shared reflections on our nation and the responsibilities of Indian citizenship. Additionally, our research scholars from Myanmar captivated the audience with a soulful rendition of a regional language song, reflecting the universal theme of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (the world is one family). The festivities concluded with a spirited group dance performance by the Dance Club.

January 29
Special Talk by Mr. Shriram Krishnamurthi

IIIT-Bangalore held a special talk by Mr. Shriram Krishnamurthi, Vice President for Programming Languages at Brown University in Providence, RI, USA who spoke on “The Human Factors of Formal Methods”. The talk highlighted that as formal methods improve in expressiveness and power, they create new opportunities for non-expert adoption. In principle, formal tools are now powerful enough to enable developers to scalably validate realistic systems artifacts without extensive formal training. However, realizing this potential for adoption requires attention to not only the technical but also the human side—which has received extraordinarily little attention from formal-methods research.

January 30
Farewell for Two Housekeeping Staff

IIIT-Bangalore bid a farewell to supporting staff members, Mr. Y Reddappa Reddy and Mr. Mulavandla Palli Venkatramana.

January 30
Birthday Celebrations of Supporting Staff

Every month, we celebrate the birthdays of all supporting staff members whose special day falls within that particular month.


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