January 2021

Campus news

January 2021


January 4
Reimagining India Eduinnovations Private Limited, a Karnataka based education company signed an MoU with IIIT Bangalore to build an online platform for mock interviews and personality assessment. This online platform will help people located in non-urban areas.

January 10
2020 at a glance- Silver lining amidst the crisis
While the pandemic wreaked havoc across the world and brought a sense of gloom, the students of IIIT Bangalore refused to succumb to the sense of despair. Instead, they brought out their creative talents and channelized it through a virtual art event “Silver lining amidst the crisis”, which was conducted by the Art Club in IIIT Bangalore. The students were encouraged to depict their ideas about how the pandemic disrupted the world, through water color posters, digital art work and artefacts. Prof. Sujit Kumar Chakrabarti evaluated and assessed the entries submitted by the enthusiastic students. The winners were: Nikitha (IMT2018051) and J Prashanth (IMT2019507) in the Digital Art category and Ankita Paul (MT202053) and Rachna Jain (MT2019084) in the Handmade Art category.

January 14
Harvest Festival celebrated at IIIT Bangalore
The Student Activity Council (SAC) of IIIT Bangalore decided it was the right time to break the ten months’ hiatus and celebrate the harvesting festival, Makara Sankranthi (also known as Pongal, Lohri and Maghi across various regions of India). At IIIT Bangalore, we have always believed in encouraging cultural diversity of the students.  Students enthusiastically participated in the celebrations through traditional kite flying competitions, lighting the bonfire and feasting on delicious Pongal. Delicacies from various states were also served at lunch.

January 16th & 17th
It is exciting for younger generation to have peers from different places come together and play a video game. It’s even more fun in team-based games such as Valorant which is a free-to-play multiplayer tactical video game. On 16th and 17th of January, SAC conducted “SKILLER_KILLER” – a gaming event where eight groups, consisting of five players each registered for the Valorant game. ‘GoliMaarDene’ team won the tournament consisting of players – Ayush Saraswat, Shobhit Pankaj, Shubham Jain, Rishikesh Chaumal, and Shashank Somaraju. A chess tournament was also conducted as a part of “SKILLER_KILLER”, in which Anwit Damale emerged as the winner, while Siddharth Yedlapati and Mrinal M were 1st and 2nd runners-up respectively. The event drew an overwhelming response and the students expressed their eagerness to participate in more such events.

January 25
Visit to Surabhi Adwaya
Given the nationalistic and patriotic fervor over the years, Republic Day in India is a memorable occasion that instils a sense of pride among Indians, on how far the country has progressed over the last 72 years. However, there are many sections of society that deserve more care and help than they currently get. Realizing this, and wanting to make a positive difference to the lives of the underprivileged, a few staff members from IIIT Bangalore visited Surabhi Adwaya Orphanage and cheered the children with interesting goodies. The children of the orphanage were delighted to receive the gifts and spend some quality time with us. Keeping with the spirit of the visit, the children displayed their singing talent and warmly thanked us all.

January 26:
72nd Republic Day Celebrations
Thanks to the restrictions imposed by the ongoing pandemic, this year, the Republic day celebrations this year were muted across the country. Adhering to the norms like social distancing and wearing of masks by everyone, IIIT Bangalore celebrated this important national event in a relatively subdued manner. Prof. S Sadagopan, Director of IIIT Bangalore hoisted the flag in the campus in with a few students, faculty and housekeeping members also present on the occasion. Addressing the gathering, he spoke on the importance of the Constitution and its unique features including Sovereignty, Socialism, Secularism and Democracy that are enshrined in the preamble of the constitution. Inspired by the visionary leader, Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, the Director urged the students to follow his path.

A few energetic cultural performances and a group song led by Vyom Audichya (MT2019140) of IIIT Bangalore’s Music Club were the other highlights of the occasion. Dewanshi Dewan (IMT2020549) recited her own poem on her love and respect for the Indian Flag and the sacrifice of the Indian Army.  The Dance Club demonstrated the diversity in unity of the nation and the Guard of Honor through a dance performance by Soniya Jain, Yashasvi Khandelwal and Khusboo of M. Tech 2020. The event culminated with a sumptuous lunch that was served to all the workers engaged in the construction of Ramanujan building.


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