March 2023

Revel in the different flavors of the cultural fest – Infin8 2023


Infin8 2023 was IIIT Bangalore’s most extravagant cultural fest of the year. It was three days of fun and competitions with the sole goal of providing entertainment for all. The event was split into intra-college events on Day 1 and inter-college events on Day 2 & Day 3.

The Food and Game streets started on Day 1, stayed open on all three days and the option of choosing between them was truly brain-racking. The prime Food Stalls were Onesta, Bombay Chat and Soda Stall (run by some of our students). Palm reading by our student was one of the major attractions of this years’ Infin8.

The competitions on Day 1 were a mix of fun curveballs and outright skills. Dumb charades had everyone guessing excitedly the others mime, league of fanatics brought out the best of the binge-watchers. War of words had interesting debates. For the first time, e sports game named Clash Royale was introduced and went off well. Top Gun Maverick was screened at the Auditorium and the crowd went berserk with Tom Cruise pulling off the most insane of fighter jet stunts and fighting past midnight.

Day 2 events marked the beginning of the external participants. It opened up to outsiders and allowed other colleges to attend and participate in the competitions, and enjoy the food and the games.

The students had emphatic displays of competitive spirits and ravenous crowds at the food stall. The day’s competitions started off with an art competition ‘brush up’. Everyone had the opportunity to pick up a canvas and put their thoughts and imagination into colors. Following it up was Sargam, where the participants displayed their eloquent ability to sing melodious tunes. Once the singing ceased, the dancing began with Nritta allowing the dance floor to ignite with passion. Finally, the last competition was Ramp it Up, giving everyone an opportunity to have a fashion pageant.

Then came the Mad Mix, the comedy show on day 2’s special night program. Aadar Malik and Raunaq Rajani bought their best jokes and better wit to keep us well entertained. As the comedy show came to an end, the night closed with a surprise flash mob outside the auditorium.

Another new event at the fest was the ‘Cut to the Chase’ which was an exciting short film competition, that showed off the acting, directing and editing skills of the 10+ participating teams. Appears twice check.

Day 3 was kicked off with the food eating competition, Gulp and Gobble, followed by Take the Stage, which was a hilarious comedy show. The other all-new event was Cut to the Chase which was an exciting short film competition that showed off the acting, directing and editing skills of over 10 teams. There was a musical performance by “Space is All we Have”.

Finally, on the last night of Infin8 2023, students had a gala time with DJ SunBurn and Zephyrtone, a duo DJ of a mixer and singer. The crowd went ecstatic over the performance and combined with CO2 guns and confetti, it was the climax of the 3 days events. Students had a memorable and successful cultural fest.


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