March 2023

CGI Scholarship, a New Found Confidence for Girl Students to Realise their Dreams


Ankrutee Arora cried out of joy when she was awarded CGI scholarship which will take care part of her educational expenses at IIIT Bangalore. The untimely demise of her father has left her family crippled to make ends meet. “Receiving the CGI scholarship from IIITB has been a great relief for me. It has given me the financial stability and emotional support I needed to pursue my studies without any worries.” Ankrutee is one of the 20 girl students from IIITB who obtained scholarships from CGI.

CGI announced the “CGI Scholarship” for those students who joined IIITB’s iMTech 2022 programme. The scholarship will fully fund the tuition fee for the first semester for each of these 20 girl students who are selected based on their JEE Main Scores. In addition to financial support, CGI will also provide knowledge-sharing seminars and career-mentoring sessions to the recipients to empower them to be future technology leaders. Through this scholarship, CGI aims to support girl students exploring careers in technology and help to address the gender gap in the industry.

Helping those in need is not charity, it’s humanity. It is an act of social responsibility for CGI which believes in lending a helping hand to the deserved creates positivity in the community and brings the joy around. Corporate Social Responsibility is a key value at CGI and the firm is committed to build an inclusive and sustainable society.

To a query on the importance of providing scholarship to girl students, Mr. Nirbhay Lumde, Director – Environmental, Social, and Governance / Corporate Social Responsibility says, “Providing scholarships to girl students is important for several reasons. Firstly, it helps to address the gender gap in the technology industry, which has historically been male-dominated. By providing financial support and mentoring opportunities, CGI is helping to encourage more girls to pursue careers in technology and STEM fields, which will ultimately lead to greater gender diversity and equality in the industry. Secondly, scholarships can help to reduce the financial burden on families, particularly for those from low-income backgrounds who may not otherwise be able to afford the cost of education. This can help to ensure that all students have equal access to opportunities and can pursue their dreams and aspirations regardless of their socio-economic background.”

The recipients of CGI scholarship feels that they are encouraged, inspired and empowered and observes they will be a part of next generation of women in technology. Additionally, initiatives like the CGI scholarship can help to shatter stereotypes about women in technology. Swetha Murali, says, “I am grateful and privileged to have received this scholarship. Initiatives such as the CGI scholarship can greatly benefit girl students. Such scholarships that encourage women to take up careers in STEM are essential in bridging the gender gap in STEM. Scholarships and other initiatives that promote girls’ education can help break down barriers and create equal opportunities for girls to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals.” Echoing with the Swetha’s view point, Chandrima Nandi says, “As we know the IT sector is mostly male-dominated and somewhere the women lose their power and confidence, these type of scholarships pave the foundation for girl students like us, ensuring a bright future for both us and the world.”

There are a few strong reasons for CGI to choose only IIITB to offer scholarships, “IIITB is a leading technology institution in India that is renowned for its research and education in the field of information technology. IIITB has a strong commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion, particularly for women in technology. By partnering with IIITB, CGI is able to leverage its expertise and resources to support girl students who are pursuing careers in technology and help to drive greater diversity and inclusion in the industry,” adds, Mr. Nirbhay

Recently, the students who had received the CGI scholarships had the privilege to meet François Boulanger, President and Chief Operating Officer, CGI in his recent visit to India.

We wish these girls excel in academics and achieve their dreams as Chandrima wants to own a company or two, Swetha is eager to make a meaningful impact in the world and aims to work for a company that values innovation, creativity, and social responsibility. Anrkrutee is more drawn towards Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and she too wants to work on projects that make an impact on people’s lives and keen to find solutions that can be applied in real-world scenarios. “With the knowledge and skills I gain through my studies at IIITB and the support of initiatives like the CGI scholarship, I am confident that I can achieve these goals,” she adds.


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