International Women’s  Day
Special Edition 2021


IWD 2021


Prof. Debabrata Das

IIIT Bangalore

Any occasion is celebrated only when there is success or positivity around it, and this applies to the International Women’s Day too. It’s heartening to note that over the years, women in India have been contributing significantly towards the development of the nation. It is high time that we acknowledge and applaud their contributions, while celebrating their success.

It is a positive sign that more and more women in leadership positions are pushing the boundaries of gender equality by utilizing their strengths and leadership qualities. Their natural attributes of multi-tasking, time management, team spirit and intelligence coupled with caring nature can add value to their work place in a big way.

Their multiplicity of perspectives can spark creativity and innovation, and help organizations spot and seize new opportunities. It can also encourage organizations to challenge gender stereotypes. Women can help others set goals and attain them, emphasize teamwork, and invest time in training, mentoring and personal development.

Having women in various disciplines including teaching, management and leadership can help foster and grow aspirations for those just coming into the workforce or those looking to move up the ladder.  Even though they are pursuing the things they want from their job and their career, we should encourage women to pursue opportunities at every level. By promoting women at the same rate as men, you show them that they and their skills are valuable assets to your organization.

I urge all women to focus and believe in their power to make the world a happier and more caring place. This is the key to success in all aspects of their lives.

I wish all my women colleagues in IIITB a very happy Women’s Day. Thank you for all your efforts and invaluable contributions.


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